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1st Place at the Science Fair

Create all items that contain Chem Fluid and Strong Chem Fluid.

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24 Jan 2017 26 Jan 2017
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Thought I would give details on the items you will need to create through Combining. As the achievement states, you will not need to combine any items which don't require any of the Chem Fluids to do so. For example, although you can make Strong Chem Fluid by combining Separating Agent and Flame Rounds, it's not needed. The following is what you will need to combine and what it creates.

Chem Fluid:

Herb-First Aid Med
Solid Fuel-Burner Fuel
Gunpowder-Handgun Bullets

Strong Chem Fluid:

Herb-Strong First Aid Med
Solid Fuel-Flame Rounds
Supplements-Neuro Rounds
Gunpowder-Enhanced Handgun Ammo

All the items are found through normal progression of the game. That said, you may want to keep track of what you have already combined, as creating an item then reloading your save to use the same ingredients to create something else does NOT count. Thank you to "Calex dEUS" for testing and confirming this (Refer to 1st comment).
Calex dEUSThanks for the list , just want to add this as I thought it was worth a try and didn't work. you can't for example find 1 strong chem , make something and then reload and make something else. So you will need 4 unfortunately.
Posted by Calex dEUS on 25 Jan 17 at 18:24
WornOutSmilesNo problem! That sucks, I assumed that possibly would work. I'll add it to the solution, thanks for testing it :-)
Posted by WornOutSmiles on 26 Jan 17 at 06:40
OneNastyGrubHave to be done in one playthrough? Not managed to make neuro rounds with going for not using item box more than 3 times achievement
Posted by OneNastyGrub on 28 Jan 17 at 08:34
WornOutSmilesHonestly, I have no idea. I'd assume it's cumulative though, meaning you can do it over multiple playthroughs. I already have the achievement so no way of testing it.
Posted by WornOutSmiles on 28 Jan 17 at 11:31
Moo Moo DairyI think it has to be done in one playthrough, I'm like 90% positive I made everything but on 2 different playthroughs and it never unlocked for me.

The first time I never made the flame rounds or whatever for GL, I made them as soon as I could on my second
Posted by Moo Moo Dairy on 28 Jan 17 at 16:44
NoHeroes94I only ever found one set of supplements :( Ah well, 2 playthroughs to go!
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 28 Jan 17 at 19:28
Kahless CloneI didn't find any supplements
Posted by Kahless Clone on 29 Jan 17 at 23:45
WornOutSmilesPretty shocked about people struggling to find Supplements. Could be worth mentioning that you can combine Psych-stimulants and Separating Agent to get Supplements?
Posted by WornOutSmiles on 30 Jan 17 at 10:04
IL1971No you can't that only gives you chem fluid
Posted by IL1971 on 30 Jan 17 at 23:13
WornOutSmilesCan't say I ever used any of the Separating Agents so was never 100% sure as to whether you got both Ingredients. Seriously though, Supplements are not at all difficult to find if you explore a little bit. If you're still struggling just beat the game in under 4 hours for the X-Ray Glasses unlock...
Posted by WornOutSmiles on 31 Jan 17 at 02:32
NamelessxDreadI confirm that you have to do it in one playthrough; it's not cumulative.
Posted by NamelessxDread on 31 Jan 17 at 03:58
FearBlargyou might want to add this to your solution.

apparently there are 4 supplements in the game, in total
Posted by FearBlarg on 31 Jan 17 at 23:04
oG YeahIf there really is only 4, I'd say to make the neuro rounds ASAP by combining Strong chem fluid and supplements as soon as you find your first supplements. I didn't know how scarce the supplements were playing through the game and used the ones you find near the camper outside with a normal chem fluid and couldn't find anymore supplements until I was on the old tape part and there is no strong chem fluid to use with the supplements at that part unfortunately.
Posted by oG Yeah on 01 Feb 17 at 19:18
l Archvile lFor ones having trouble finding supplements. The first one in the game is to the left of the door that requires the Red and Blue Keycards, on the white tarps.
Posted by l Archvile l on 03 Feb 17 at 05:01
HiadreamThe second set of suppliments I found were on the right side windowsill of Lucas' bedroom (you need snake key to enter)
Posted by Hiadream on 06 Feb 17 at 01:30
DucKy BaByThis was confusing. I only realised you had the combine chem fluid and the item on the left when I read the second solution.
Posted by DucKy BaBy on 09 May 17 at 18:43
WornOutSmilesAs stated in the 1st paragraph of the solution, "you only need to create the items which require 1 of the Chem. Fluids to do so", so I fail to understand how it's confusing unless you didn't read it.
Posted by WornOutSmiles on 17 May 17 at 22:02
local bellboyIt's just the way you list the ingredients that is confusing. You say we don't need to make Strong Chem Fluid, but then at first glance it looks like you are telling us to make Strong Chem Fluid. I had to re-read to make sure I understood. All the important info is there still, and I appreciate the guide. Thumbs up from me.
Posted by local bellboy on 09 Feb at 07:53