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Out Before Dessert

Complete the "Happy Birthday" videotape within 5 minutes.

Out Before Dessert+0.7
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SynthSamuriiSynthSamurii111,795 111,795 GamerScore
25 Jan 2017
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A lot of steps but pretty easy!

- Take the Candle into the Cake Room
- Wait for the stove to become interactive and light candle again
- Open locked door with the fire from the candle
- In the far right corner pick up the "Balloon" object and return to the previous room
- Attach the "Balloon" to the Gas Pipe in the wall
- After it pops walk into the Cake room and enter the combination as shown and take the Winding Key from the barrel
- Go to the Clown you first got the candle from and give him the Dummy Finger, Quill Pen and Winding Key
- Travel back to the room where you go the Ballon and ender "LOSER" into the lock.
- Grab the Valve off the wall on the right
- Return to the Cake Room and turn off the water
- Light your candle on the stove and go eat some cake!