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King of the Jungle

Kong has imposed his supremacy over the inhabitants of the jungle

King of the Jungle0
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12 Aug 2010 12 Aug 2010
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Solution for King of the Jungle in Peter Jackson's King Kong didn't work for me, but with some tweaking got finally around it:

1. Hold start when the level is loading, so you immediatly jump into the pause menu
2. Enter the KKtigun cheat
3. Don't kill the raptors!
4. Walk to the fire pits, swap guns and throw a fire spear to the plants blocking hayes.
5. Wait till Hayes drops himself to ground level and walks to the other AI.
6. Kill the raptors.
7. Grap lever and open gate (Hayes didn't follow you, will help open the gate and will walk back because of the glitched raptor)
8. Finish the level
z71foxit worked great got my 1st try thanks
Posted by z71fox on 12 Mar 11 at 18:57
TA x MerKzzI love you. This worked, thank you
Posted by TA x MerKzz on 11 Jun 19 at 10:58