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Beat the game on Blackest Friday difficulty.

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i know a better guide will probably be made but here goes any way. what we know for this is yes new game does carry over your level all combo weapons safehouse upgrades etc. I suggest being at least over level 70. zombies hurt more at times and weapons break a little bit faster than normal headshots are a must as well. beating the game on this difficulty should net you both achievements and if someone can confirm this i will update the guide. also use combo vehicles when out side they will help alot my suggestion use the sling rot. happy hunting guys and please any comments that can help this guide out will be appreciated and credit will be given to those when i update it

edit: a couple of tips during the Fontana fight shotguns and the explosive tubs were my friend just let her get near one and shot the tubs twice she gets hurt bad and gives you a few extra shots in before she regroups herself. during the calder fight just make sure your stocked with food and use the presents that go on your fists until you get the arcade power upgrade. the last part when you have to get to the roof try to have a tri pod zapper with you and set it done one at a time they do wonders.beating the game on the blackest Friday difficulty will net both achievements

credit: credit goes to SWDY1 for letting me know in the comments level 100=no problem on this difficulty and also combined your weapons with golds bars as well because like he mentioned they don't break as fast. and credit to ClawColyer for mentioning that food doesn't heal you as much and too always have a full stock. happy hunting everyone

credit2: quick shout out to moldredd for posting extra helpful tips in the comments be sure to check the comments out for that info.
SWYD1Level 100. No problem.
Make sure to use golden combo weapons, they don't break so quickly.
Posted by SWYD1 on 01 Feb 17 at 04:15
ClawColyerAlso food does not restore as much health, so always try to carry as much as possible. Like SWYD1 said, gold combo weapons last a bit longer. Gold bars and zero exo suit did not carry over into my game but it's a glitch I've been putting up with since release, hopefully crapcom fixed it with the update.
Posted by ClawColyer on 01 Feb 17 at 05:36
oh wow that stinks about the zero exo I got lucky it was there but I could only find one gold bar and that was in the pool hall.
Posted on 01 Feb 17 at 05:42
jackanapeEverything for me carried over, so I was level 100 and all my safehouses were maxed. This makes it much easier as you can literally run through most of the game without much effort.

Here are my specific tips:

Chapter 0 - just head through the linear path, make the Blast from the Past weapon and kill all the zombies you have to. Grab all the food along the way and use special moves to kill zombies faster.

Chapter 1 - as soon as you start grab the guns Brad opens up and kill all the nearby zombies. Then hop into the nearby sushi place and grab a few blades and combine them with nearby Liquid Nitrogen to make some Ice Swords (more blades and nitro in the Frozen Yog place here too). Then head to the hotel, make some Blambows behind the counter and an Umbrella Gun at the panic room in here. Kill all enemies and head through to the Miami Boardwalk. Go to the toy store here and grab the cannons and make some Bazookas (plenty of chemicals to use around here). Follow the plot to the safe room and then the Medieval area. You can make a ton or good weapons here - Ornament Gun, 2x Bazooka in the Toy Store, Acid Maul, Flame Sword, Ice Swords using the weapons in the museum and the chemicals in the hardware store.

That's the hard part done really - as once you get out of the mall you can literally dash between all of the cases and just stop off at safehouses to buy all the food/weapons you need. I managed to get through the entire game on about 3/4 hours by just doing the cases as fast as possible.

Chapter 2 - boss fight gives you an infinite exo-suit. So just use the three mini guns in his area to take him down, when they run out grab an axe and keep distance until he does a dash attack. Dodge then hit him a few times while he recovers.

Chapter 3 - Use Bazookas to blast your way to the scientist, then the infinite exo-suit to escape afterwards. In the locked room under the winery just run over by the door that is timed to open and very few enemies will attack you here (I had to kill one evolved zombie and that was it).

Chapter 4 - make/buy a Holey Terror gun, using a computer and Assualt Rifle. Use this on Fontana to kill her in less than ten shots. Plenty of food in this room too - so stock up before you head up the metal stairs to trigger her.

Chapter 5 - straightforward. Make sure to have an Ornament Gun for the boss fight with Tom, when he pops up just aim at his head (the target goes red if you can hit him) and fire the Ornament Gun once, this should do enough damage to make him move to the next section. Kill the enemies that spawn then repeat - it literally takes three hits to kill him this way.

Chapter 6 - Good weapons to have are the Tripod Zapper, Splitshot, Laser Zapper and Bazooka (anything with a good AOE really). The boss fight is easy. Kip a mid-distance until he charges then press RB to dodge to the side. He will get stuck, so hit him with a three hit combo then RB to jump back. Just repeat that, he occasionally throws grenades so use RB to dodge them. He will then recharge and you ONLY have to kill the evo-zombies that spawn to get him to drop down. Repeat until he dies. Then run to the end protecting your allies, in the last runs with tons of enemies just clear them out with your stash of weapons and you're done.

Posted by jackanape on 01 Feb 17 at 10:31
iJigglypuff oDo you keep your progress on trials?
Posted by iJigglypuff o on 01 Feb 17 at 17:30
@ijigglypuff o yes you do and moldredd thank you for all that extra info very helpful I will post a credit towards you in the guide so people can check the comments for that info
Posted on 02 Feb 17 at 04:07
AgEnT STARZzA little over 3 hours it took me to rush through, the only time consuming bit for me was the calder fight in case 6 but everything else was far to easy even on this difficulty
Posted by AgEnT STARZz on 02 Feb 17 at 12:18
BPBPBPBPBPBPBPConfirmed that both achievements unlock with this.
Posted by BPBPBPBPBPBPBP on 02 Feb 17 at 20:19
MoldreddIf I knew this I'd would have proceeded from my old save haha. I beat this difficulty on a new save from scratch!

Anyways, here are some personal tips that helped me (if you started like me of course haha):

Lieutenant Caballero - The best ranged weapon is the Railgun as it will help you dispose the Exo Soldiers quickly. Save the Railgun only for Exo Soldiers an ranged soldiers.

Commander Fontana - By the time you reach her you will have access to a lot of power weapons from blueprints. Explosives are effective here. As for combo weapons, the Terror and Line Slicer rifles are good as the Blambow.

Calder - He is pretty easy considering you just have to maneuver the fight the same as before. Just need to pay attention and not be hit.

Terror and Line Slicer rifles are gold during the clear fresh/evolved zombies missions as one will hit hard and the other will make an annoying line for them to try passing through.

Survivors and Soldiers - Never take them if they are grouped and you are lacking ranged weapons.

Some soldiers in the story mission are positioned in a way you can approach them stealthily.

Always go for the head as it is a insta-kill for most lesser survivors/soldiers.

The Church area at West Ridge is still the best part to grind and level up. The exo/flamethrower is nice while getting to the vehicles at the side to create the Sling Rot.

Also, at West Ridge, after you talk to Diane Blackbourne and equip the Exo Suit with the Ice Powerup. Don't forget to get your streak to the thousand for some free level ups.

For me, the hardest part of the game was the last cell room with 100+ zombies in it during Case 0. The trick was to save the Blast from the Past only for execute and build the Finishing Move bar by kicking and stomping. Once the bar was full I proceeded to position myself around the crowd and in an angle where I could kill 30+ zombies with it.

That's all I remember from my unfortunate experience lol.

For any other questions, feel free to let me know.

All this applies only if you are trying this on a fresh save. Otherwise feel free to ignore.
Posted by Moldredd on 03 Feb 17 at 01:52
Laab518both achievements unlocked for me. (hard/nightmare)
Posted by Laab518 on 04 Feb 17 at 17:54
all you do wolf is pick new game then select black Friday difficulty thats all you keep your level blueprints unlocked and all trials completed
Posted on 07 Feb 17 at 07:27
WolfVelocityCan someone please explain exactly how to start a game on Black Friday difficulty and keep your current level and not start over with a blank slate? Thanks in advance...
Posted by WolfVelocity on 09 Feb 17 at 02:03
AddingtonJust finished this today. Took about 3-4 hours to run three. I was level 89 when starting. Best to run through as much as you can and only kill what you have to. Best to use blueprint guns.
Posted by Addington on 10 Feb 17 at 17:47
SL1CK CHR1S@WolfVelocity I don't know if you have already tried to go for the Black Friday difficulty, but I'll tell you how anwyay. From the main menu where you access the game save you are currently on, you can start a new game that retains your blueprints, levels, unlocks, etc without starting a new save filed. Instead of clicking continue, if you click on new game it will start new game on the same file and you can choose the correct difficulty from there.
Posted by SL1CK CHR1S on 14 Feb 17 at 19:23
ezcGmanThanks jackanape for the Tripod Zapper hint! That *really* nailed it!!
Posted by ezcGman on 17 Feb 17 at 07:34
KnoellShould I do this difficulty before or after I get 200k kills? Or does it not matter?
Posted by Knoell on 18 Feb 17 at 06:06
it doesnt matter but if you wanna just knock out the 200k kills first on normal than do it that way. just remember if you go for it on the highest difficulty the weapons break faster without the gold bars so keep that in mind
Posted on 18 Feb 17 at 10:37
The SCHWARTZ 00This is easy as fuck with a level 100 Frank and a ton of scrap. I made sure to finish all trials before I started this run and I'm already on Case 2. Trust me guys, don't be afraid of this difficulty if you're a high level character. I'm breezing through it so far. I just hit the safehouse and stock up on Split Shots/Plunger Lures/Bazooka Cannons for crowd control and Electric Axes and Ice Swords for close quarter combat.
Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 21 Feb 17 at 18:26
The SCHWARTZ 00Also, big props to Jackanape for his boss strategies, they worked perfectly. Didn't even think to use the Ornament Gun on Tom. Fight was over in less than two minutes.
Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 22 Feb 17 at 00:34
oufilmbuffQuestion, If any of the the Collectables are glitched running through regular mode. Will that fix said glitch running through at a different difficulty?
Posted by oufilmbuff on 16 Mar 17 at 12:42
ox BlackJack xocompleting this difficulty also unlock achievmeent for hard modes?
Posted by ox BlackJack xo on 21 Mar 17 at 11:05
HalderEasy. Just run everywhere. Easiest hard mode ever.
Posted by Halder on 25 Mar 17 at 00:29
OrionBlackjack ... yes it does.
Posted by Orion#1088 on 24 Jul 17 at 19:00
CensorErikIII gave a thumbs up, but I don't understand how you can post a guide and still NOT have the achievement. 😆
Posted by CensorErikII on 16 Jun 19 at 02:52
ICE Faux PirateWhere do you get gold bars in single player? In MP you just buy them in vending machines.
Posted by ICE Faux Pirate on 09 Mar 20 at 18:14
segagamerDid you figure that out @ICE Faux Pirate?
Posted by segagamer on 08 Feb at 08:59
Supreme Sn0rkyPosted by "Gamer has been removed" ....oh well hahaha
Posted by Supreme Sn0rky on 16 Mar at 08:53