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Golden Child

Complete every level in Score Attack with a gold score

Golden Child0
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Trikke den 1eTrikke den 1e566,310
01 Feb 2017 03 Feb 2017
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Already 4 great solutions related to this achievement here on TA, and still not exactly what I was looking for.

In case you would prefer visual aid like I do, I found these HQ vids on YouTube which you would've found anyways.
I'm only linking, I take no credits for it.
So, a BIG thanks goes to the author Icarus Wings who took the time to record them and share these with the world on YouTube.

The thing I personally like about vids, is that they give me a good idea of what cards were used (look at the summary at the end of the vid), what the level looks like, what weapons (if applicable) to use, which path to take to build up and maintain the score combo multiplier, etc.

As already suggested by many others, it's better to go to the leaderboards and look for a gamer who used a set of cards you feel most comfortable with.
Personally, I think it's better to spend 2.000 Credits to have the perfect set of cards, because when you beat the level (and get gold), you will get 10.000 credits and thus still make 8.000 profits whilst having the perfect set of cards and not consume any of your own cards from your collection.

Alright then... on with the vids!

The Prophet's Tomb (Gold 165.000 points - Par time 10:30)

Siberian Wilderness (Gold 220.000 points - Par time 8:30)

Lost Expedition (Gold 29.000 points - Par time 3:30)

Soviet Installation (Gold 150.000 points - Par time 7:30)

Ancient Cistern (Gold 20.000 points - Par time 3:30)

Soviet Gulag (Gold 130.000 points - Par time 14:00)

Voice of God (Gold 11.000 points - Par time 3:30)

The Copper Mill (Gold 700.000 points - Par time 11:00)

The Red Mine (Gold 9.000 points - Par time 5:00)

The Prophet's Blessing (Gold 230.000 points - Par time 13:30)

House of the Afflicted (Gold 11.000 points - Par time 6:50)

The Village (Gold 230.000 points - Par time 7:00)

Catacomb of the Sacred Waters (Gold 8.000 points - Par time 4:00)

The Acropolis (Gold 160.000 points - Par time 5:00)

The Tower (Gold 110.000 points - Par time 7:00)

The Pit of Judgment (Gold 6.000 points - Par time 4:00)

Approaching Storm (Gold 143.000 points - Par time 8:30)

Flooded Archives (Gold 250.000 points - Par time 10:00)

Baths of Kitezh (Gold 12.000 points - Par time 8:30)

Research Base (Gold 160.000 points - Par time 15:10)

The Orrery (Gold 12.000 points - Par time 3:30)

Path of the Deathless (Gold 80.000 points - Par time 9:30)

Gate of Kitezh (Gold 44.000 points - Par time 9:30)

Chamber of Exorcism (Gold 5.000 points - Par time 5:30)

Outskirts of Kitezh (Gold 150.000 points - Par time 17:30)

The Lost City (Gold 29.000 points - Par time 4:30)

Chamber of Souls (Gold 85.000 points - Par time 11:00)

Return to the Wicked Vale (Gold 32.000 points - Par time 5:30) (*)

Witch's Cave (Gold 32.000 points - Par time 15:20) (*)

(*) Please note that the levels Return to the Wicked Vale and Witch's Cave are NOT needed for this particular achievement (Golden Child) since they are part of the Baba Yaga DLC, but they are needed if you're going for this achievement:

Rise of the Tomb RaiderWitch TrialsThe Witch Trials achievement in Rise of the Tomb Raider worth 101 pointsBaba Yaga: Complete every Wicked Vale Score Attack with a gold score

Any suggestions to improve this guide are welcome!

Thanks for voting thumbs up if this guide was helpful.

I wish you all the best of luck to get gold on all the levels of this fabulous game!
HolyHalfDeadYou are missing 2 levels that are required to get this achievement

Mountain Peak
Hunting Grounds
Wicked Vale * (not needed)
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 11 Feb 17 at 19:52
Trikke den 1eMaybe you fancy to share some links with us then? Because I wasn't able to find any Score Attack on Mountain Peak nor Hunting Grounds.

Here's the list of Score Attack available levels:

I couldn't see any Hunting Grounds or Mountain Peak, could you?

As for the Wicked Vale one, if you would have read my guide till the end, I already mentioned that both Return to the Wicked Vale and Witch's Cave are NOT needed for the Golden Child achievement but they are for the Witch Trials.
Posted by Trikke den 1e on 11 Feb 17 at 23:55
Miojo666Excelent, thank you for this. I followed the first few and when I got the idea I did the rest without a video guide.
Posted by Miojo666 on 13 Apr 17 at 05:00
Segendary TyI wanted to add to Outskirts of Kitesh
At the second Catapult you can use Poison Arrows on the Deathless instead of the catapult to take them out. This way they are an infinite spawn of Deathless and you can easily get the gold score without the use of any cards but the infinite Poison Arrows.
The videoguide doesn't show this so this should be added before the spoiler
Posted by Segendary Ty on 16 Jul 17 at 10:08
MidnightxxRogueYou could have linked the Youtube Channel or the Playlist instead of each video individually.
Posted by MidnightxxRogue on 21 Aug 17 at 04:24
Segendary TyNo this works fine as you can search each level right here. Not to mention they're in spoiler tags which is well done
Posted by Segendary Ty on 21 Aug 17 at 10:45
JakThaRiPP3R84why does every card selection on the leaderboard have that fucking grip SHIT on it every fucking time. all it does is actually ensure losing the fucking multiplier on a random tree or wall.
Posted by JakThaRiPP3R84 on 13 May 18 at 19:20
FairerTOHSAKAWhere i can get toxicity cards i only have 1....and i need 6 or 7
Posted by FairerTOHSAKA on 04 Aug 18 at 21:19
SinSTeRS DEVILU can get toxicity cards in the advantage pack iv found few of them
Posted by SinSTeRS DEVIL on 09 Sep 18 at 18:58
JullianGGI did lots of tombs in the campaign but they don't show in Score attack. Anyone know why?
Posted by JullianGG on 20 Jul 21 at 04:49