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1st Place at the Science Fair

Create all items that contain Chem Fluid and Strong Chem Fluid.

1st Place at the Science Fair0
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08 Feb 2017 16 Mar 2017
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Thanks for the good feedback so far toast

For this you need to create the following 8 combinations in ONE playthrough. It is listed below from most to least common item drops. Chem/Strong Chem Fluids are pretty plentiful in supply.

Chem + Herb (plentiful and easy to find/make)
Chem + Gunpowder (plentiful and easy to find/make)
Chem + Solid Fuel (somewhat limited, but loads in Old House)
Chem + Supplements (for me, supplements were very limited. See below.)
Strong Chem + Herb
Strong Chem + Gunpowder
Strong Chem + Solid Fuel
Strong Chem + Supplements

This is possible on any single playthrough of the game, be it your first or last, but it must be in ONE. The achievement is non-cumlative. I got 7/8 and had to do it on a later playthrough because of the one playthrough I missed.

I recommend you do this after your speedrun (either on your madhouse playthrough, or if you are doing a 3 Med kit / 3 Item Box run separately). This is because completing the speed run will give you Xray Glasses, which point out every single collectible and item you can possibly pick up. Check everything, and you can't possibly miss out on any ingredients.

I did this on my madhouse / madhouse coin run, so this is obviously entirely possible, but items are in more plentiful supply on easy/normal.

For those struggling with Supplements, which is the only ingredient people are consistenly finding less than at least 2 of, there is one in the Testing Area where
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
and 1/2 on the ship during on (I believe) all difficulties (or at least for me).
Strange StaticI found supplements in the room you find the keycard & the toy axe. Also I found them before that too, just can't remember where.
Posted by Strange Static on 17 Feb 17 at 04:34
Leo AscendentRemember, you can use Seperating Agent on Psycho Stims to make Supplements as well, if you are desperate, though it seems like a needless step.

Supplements: Yard — On white tarps near the entrance to the Old House.

Supplements: Testing Area 2F — Same room, on the small table near the wash basin.

Supplements: Ship 2F (Old Tape) — On the desk in the Bunk Room.

Supplements: Ship 2F (Old Tape) — On a cabinet in the Dining Room.

Posted by Leo Ascendent on 29 Jul 17 at 09:05