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ACII | The Prophet

Complete DNA Sequence 11.

ACII | The Prophet0
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08 Feb 2017
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Story related and cannot be missed. Just simply play the game.

There are 9 memories in DNA Sequence 7.

Memory 1 - All Things Come to He Who Waits
Memory 2 - Play Along

When you complete Memory 2, the achievement will unlock.
A1exRDI finished DNA sequence 11, and I'm now in Forli playing the 'Battle of Forli' DLC quest, but this hasn't popped for me.

Is that normal / will it appear when I start sequence 14, or has something gone wrong?

Has anyone else encountered the same thing, & do you know whether replaying sequence 11 might fix it?

Asking because this is a Warboats achievement for me, so I need this one specifically!
Posted by A1exRD on 29 May 20 at 13:20
Arador9 Memories in DNA Sequence 7? I think you've put this solution on the wrong Achievement lol
Posted by Arador on 25 Jan at 07:14