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You Need a Mint

Collect Dragon's Breath in a Glass Bottle.

You Need a Mint0
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12 Feb 2017 22 Apr 2017
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First of all you need a Glass Bottle. To make a Glass bottle you need 3 pieces of Glass. To get Glass you need to put Sand into the Ingredient section of the Furnace. Then cook it with a type of Fuel e.g. coal.

Find an End Portal, once inside the End, the Ender Dragon will occasionally fire his Purple breath onto the floor. Have your Glass bottle out in your hand and spam cn_LT. (would advise to make multiple Glass bottles so you can keep collecting the Dragons breath if it doesn't register first time)

You'll know you've done it if you've got the Dragon's Breath item in your inventory.

Another tip that would help is to have a pumpkin on your head so that the Endermen won't attack you.

Hope this helped.

Edit - Bernman 117 - "In the new tutorial world you can find an Ender Portal at X:172 Y:111 Z:106"
Bernman 117In the new tutorial world you can find an Ender Portal at X:172 Y:111 Z:106
Posted by Bernman 117 on 18 Feb 17 at 17:21
BabyishDuckDidn't know it could be done in the Tutorial World until a few days ago. I have added your co ordinates in with credit.
Posted by BabyishDuck on 19 Feb 17 at 10:59
NinjaKirby1322I found this portal at X:172, Y:33, Z:106. I also found the portal with no Eyes of Ender placed, so keep in mind that you will need 12 of those as well.
Posted by NinjaKirby1322 on 27 Feb 17 at 02:04
jj6yanyone have a world for this
Posted by jj6y on 19 Sep 20 at 23:23