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Go for the Bronze

Win 12 bronze Daily Challenge badges

Go for the Bronze-0.5
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13 Feb 2017 12 Dec 2019
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**** This is for the iOS and Android versions of the game ****

****EDIT ****
There has recently been an update allowing you to revisit previous months so buying one month of premium will allow you to get all badges. Thanks to Dr Tinus for the info. I will leave this solution up in full in case its ever reverted.

You will need either your free month of premium or to purchase at least 1 month of premium for this to work correctly, I understand there are guides out there that will be fairly similar i.e changing date however this is to ensure that you can use your premium at the same time as changing your dat

1. Open Solitaire on your device
(Doing this will ensure the game syncs the data and signs you in correctly as it seems to be
a bit hit and miss when the date is set incorrectly)
2. When signed in and you are on the home screen press the home key on your device and go
into settings > Date/Time and set the date to the last day of the month you wish to work on
e.g November 30th (This will allow you to work on the entire month of November without
having to keep changing your date)
3. Go back into Solitaire and you will see that your premium has disappeared. This is because
the subscription is based off the start date and you are currently before this date. You will
also see the Daily Challenges with today's date on it. Don't worry about the date shown,
tap Daily Challenges. Using the example above you will load into the
Daily Challenges for November 30th, you can tap the calendar tab and have access to the
entire month too.
4. Once in Daily Challenges press the home key and change your date back to the correct one.
5. Go back into Solitaire and you will see the little premium badge reappear at the top right
but the calendar will remain in November.

Now this is how you set it up and you can begin to pop challenges left, right and centre earning you double coins for each one completed. This is by far the fastest method I have found and saves you from having to purchase premium for a full year providing you can get it done within a month, if not just buy another month.

As I said I know there are similar guides but I couldn't find one for this specific method so here it is. Let me know in the comments if there are any additions that need to be made!
flipmodeXXIIICan confirm that this method no longer works. You get to the point where you sync to old date, but when you go back into the app it syncs to correct date and you're never able to work through previous months.

Thanks for guide though.
Posted by flipmodeXXIII on 15 May 17 at 00:21
TateyAs far as I know this guide still works. This guide is to get around the syncing issue. If you follow the steps precisely it will let you do previous months and get double points
Posted by Tatey on 15 May 17 at 06:40
gmurda33i am doing it right now and it is working---will update if i am able to get the medals
Posted by gmurda33 on 30 Jun 17 at 15:47
You could also try playing the game.
Posted on 23 Dec 18 at 00:00
TateyWell yes, you could and that could be said for every single achievement. This feature on the site allows users to provide the best, most efficient way of obtaining these achievements. It is up to you how you want to play a game. If you want to play through and obtain things naturally as they come, good on you but this is an alternative way. And I think voting negatively on a solution because of an opinion is slightly harsh. Are you going to do that for every solution posted on this site?
Posted by Tatey on 23 Dec 18 at 09:16
exorrThis no longer works. You can get premium to appear for previous months using this method, however as soon as you finish a game it automatically brings you to the current date and does not count the game played in the previous month as a premium game.
Posted by exorr on 06 Sep 19 at 17:10
Friggin GreaseThis god damned game seems to just decide to not give you achievements. I have 12 bronzes but had a connection issue when I got my 12th. So I guess I wait another month,
Posted by Friggin Grease on 16 Nov 19 at 23:30
Dr Tinus NLThere has been an update to the game so that you can access older months without having to change the date. So buying one month of premium allows you to get double coins for every month very easily.
Posted by Dr Tinus NL on 12 Dec 19 at 17:21
TateyThanks Dr Tinus, I shall update the solution
Posted by Tatey on 12 Dec 19 at 17:46
JX JuniorI don’t think the solution works. My gf has completed 3 bronze badges so far, going back to a couple of the previous months and getting the bronze and when she goes to see her daily badges, it shows she has 3 bronze and 2 silver but when she checked the actual achievements, it says she only has 1 bronze and that bronze is for the current month of December so the previous months don’t count apparently.
Posted by JX Junior on 18 Dec 19 at 03:42
SmokeNashtyThe solution does work but it’s glitchy. I’ve been getting some medals in the previous months. My counter in game as in the yearly medals page doesn’t match my Xbox live app. I get some medals sometimes. I just got a silver in February of last year and it counted. Also I make sure all my apps are closed on my phone. I’m on iOS. And right before the medal I restart the app.
Posted by SmokeNashty on 13 Feb 20 at 13:47
ALoneWolf42Does it need to be 12 Bronze badges within a single year? I just started this game in April so I missed the first few months. I'm worried I'll put in a lot of time to get 8 Golds and then it will reset in the new year.
Posted by ALoneWolf42 on 12 May 20 at 22:03
exorrNo, 12 total across all months and years available.
Posted by exorr on 12 May 20 at 22:30
ArmchairHeroYou can currently get 1 month of solitaire premium for 1,050 rewards points, for those using the premium sub. as a method to play old months. This is for the U.S.; I don’t know if the offer is available in other regions.
Posted by ArmchairHero on 10 Jun 20 at 17:18
ALoneWolf42@exorr : Okay, cool thanx!
Posted by ALoneWolf42 on 17 Jun 20 at 16:52
HangmanK7Just won my 12th bronze but the tracker is stuck at 10/12 on the awards page. Anyone else encounter this and know a fix? Had no problems with sudoku or wordament.
Posted by HangmanK7 on 04 Mar at 11:58