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Collect a Painted Item

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19 Feb 2017 25 Mar 2017
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I have a solution for those who have had this achievement glitch on them. Everyone seems to be saying it works.

1. Sign out of your main account
2. Sign into an alt account
3. Start a public online match
4. During the match, press the Xbox button and sign in your main account
5. Go back to Rocket League and you should see a message saying "Primary User has no controller". Select the "Quit" option.
6. You should be taken back to the title screen. Press any button to go to the main menu.
7. You will be signed in on your main account in Rocket League and hopefully the achievement will unlock.

I unlocked a painted item and the achievement did not unlock. So I tried equipping the item and completing an online match and still nothing. Then I tried restarting my console and doing the same thing again and still nothing.

Due to the 10 hour limit on earning items, I farmed items on an alt account, trying to get a painted item but had no luck. So I did exactly what was mentioned in the solution by accident and the achievement finally unlocked.

I hope this solution helps you get your achievement.
LucioOhsCerealSolution 1 worked great for me! Thanks so much!
Posted by LucioOhsCereal on 20 Feb 17 at 01:19
E1pinkoSo I just confirmed solution one works when applied through trading. Just trading alone didn't work, so I was referred to solution 1 while having the painted item equipped on my main and it fixed the problem. Thanks for the solution :)
Posted by E1pinko on 23 Feb 17 at 01:11
Quick Fire PI just confirmed that this does work when painted item is collected through trading and you do not have to have the item equipped to your main account car. Just having the painted item in my inventory was enough. Also I collected my painted item through trade months ago and just gave up until now. So I'm not sure about the 24 hour theory. Anyway. Thanks for the help! This was my last achievement to get.
Posted by Quick Fire P on 23 Feb 17 at 10:39
Capta1nMattSolution one worked! Thank you
Posted by Capta1nMatt on 25 Mar 17 at 02:05
Absohailsolution works. Thanks man.
Posted by Absohail on 26 Mar 17 at 21:13
Juifnot working for me... patched ?
Posted by Juif on 21 Jul 18 at 21:34