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Master of Unlocking

Unlock all the doors in the Art Gallery.

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There are 10 keys. Every single opens a door in the last house of Scuttle Town (Art Gallery). You need to actually open the doors, having the keys is not enough, but you don't need to actually visit the rooms. After you opened all the doors, speak with the mayor in the same house. He gives you the Magic Tiara (magic - cn_B - doesn't cost anything anymore ) and you get the achievement.

The location of the keys are the following

#01 Mermaid Falls (needed: mermaid transformation)
As soon as the level starts, walk to the right as far as you can on the bottom level. At the last pond, jump into the water, go down, the right and up. This chest is visible from the surface.
#02 Mermaid Falls (bat + mouse)
This is a long and annoying part, I suggest having a lot of health because if you die you have to start everything again. I also suggest watching out the platforming parts, wait until the moving block properly docks and don't try to catch one which is about to leave because you can get stuck in the air and only restarting the level gets you out. First go up the top left of the level where blocks moving left and right to a center platform. Just under the left moving platform (on the left) is a block. Turn to bat here and fly to the right, into a small cave. Here starts the longest mouse labyrinth, you not only have to go through the level, but there will be small enemies here who do a lot of damage. You can either try to out outmaneuver them or run through them but take damage. At the first part where you can leave the labyrinth is the chest with the key.
#03 Mermaid Factory (elephant)
As you go up properly (without flying) grabbing on the conveyor belts you will find a crocodile worker on the rightmost side and a rocky block you can stomp with the elephant. The chest is under the block. It is close to the bottom level.
#04 Tassel Town Tower (elephant, suggested to return and pick it up after you escaped from the giant worm)
Going up the Tower, you will see three dangling chain on the left. On the right there is a small white platform with a big metal box. Push it to the right with the elephant and go right, the chest is there in a small room.
#05 Tassel Town Tower (mouse)
Going up the tower there will be an obvious mouse labyrinth with a vase and a chest on the right where you have to jump up. Go through the labyrinth and grab the key.
#06 Tassel Town Tower (elephant + mouse)
This is the most hidden collectible in the entire game. Almost the top of the tower (after jumping up the three rings on the right and you see 4 long chains) you will find a lone yellow eye block which you can whip with your hair. You need to whip this block way down the tower under the 4 chains without getting in stuck. Whip it left all the way until it falls to a single platform with a gargoyle head on the left, there whip it right. It should fall under the chains, then whip it all the way to the left under another gargoyle head. Stand on the block with the elephant and ram it. Behind the head is a room with the chest but you have to work for it.
- Push the bottom block to all the way to the right
- Push the middle right block down then all the way to the right
- Push the top block down then to the right
- Finally push the middle left block to the right
Now you made a way for your mouse form to the chest. Enter at the top of the last block and claim your reward.
#07 Tassel Town Platforms - after the Tower escape (bat)
The chest is visible under you as you pass a checkpoint. Just jump down on the right of your platform, turn to bat and fly to the left to the chest.
#08 Cape Crustacean Airship Attack - after the carpet race (elephant +monkey or harpy)
There is an airship early with 2 soldiers and 3 trap doors. Jump down and stomp one of the three middle blocks with the elephant. The monkey or harpy is actually only needed to get you out of there.
#09 Cape Crustacean Airship Attack (monkey or crab)
Go forward until you see a continuous yellow beam and a cannon behind it. To go on with the level you should drop down before the beam and jump up behind it. If you want the key don't jump up, but go in the door on the left. In the inside wait until the yellow laser goes right and jump up with the monkey to the small platform and then to the left to the chest. If you have trouble with the jumps then go right, wait unitl the laser goes left, turn to crab on the small platform (you are invincible form above) and wait until the laser goes right.
#10 Cape Crustacean Inside the Airship (monkey and mermaid with the WATERFALL RELIC)
As you go through the ship, there will be two yellow lasers at the end of a long corridor. The game continues if you jump up using metal platforms on the right but if you look carefully there is a metal platform where you can jump down after the second laser. Go right and you will find a small water labyrinth. Turn into a mermaid and jump in the water. Get out at the first possible location. Travel using the leftmost waterfall (stand in the waterfall in mermaid form and press UP). When you arrived travel with the second waterfall, then with the last (rightmost). There is only one waterfall on the left, travel with it and the key is there.

How to get the relic (allows you to travel through waterfalls): You need the Harpy spell. As soon as Scuttle Town (Night) level starts, turn into the harpy and fly up. There will be a platform on the left with the relic chest.
How to get the harpy spell: You get this automatically for finishing Hypno Baron's Castle
Malboa77The achievement for opening half the doors is glitched for me... I opened all the doors, received that one but not the other, I don't know want to do except beginning a new game
Posted by Malboa77 on 24 Mar at 11:05