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#Forzathon Join The Team

Complete ANY event to win the #75 Subaru WRX Rally car

28 Feb 2017 until 01 Mar 2017

#Forzathon Join The Team
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28 Feb 2017 28 Feb 2017 28 Feb 2017
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Just pick any Subaru you have in your garage.
If you don't have one, they are on sale during this Forzathon event (February 28th)

Now, simply go to the Car Meet at the airstrip.

Completing the drag race is enough to bag this challenge, but also

Forza Horizon 3#Forzathon Factory-BackedThe #Forzathon Factory-Backed challenge in Forza Horizon 3Complete a Race in a Subaru to receive 50,000 CR

You do not have to win the race! Just cross the finish line.

Here's a vid.
Both challenges unlocking at the end of the vid...

(Please note : the clips were recorded by Xbox One's Game DVR. Therefore, any eventual unlocking achievements appeared on my screen were not registered by the Game DVR)

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Good luck!
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Bonxy I just unlocked this by taking a picture of a car i hadnt pictured before.

This must be buggy. Oh well! :D
Posted by Bonxy on 28 Feb 17 at 13:14
J2B9 I unlocked it just by loading up the game lol. Didn't even do anything and wasn't driving a subaru
Posted by J2B9 on 01 Mar 17 at 07:32