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Accumulate 75% of total Renegade points

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Crimson DrifterCrimson Drifter856,793
03 Sep 2008 09 Apr 2011
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During conversations mainly use the bottom right hand dialogue selection and if you're intimidate skill is up high enough use the bottom left selection (red text) during dialogue for maximum renegade points.

A couple high gain renegade areas are:

1. Feros: When coming back from killing the Thorian, do not use the gas grenades, but instead kill ALL the colonists, if you get them all I think it will net you 32 renegade points.

2.Noveria: After helping Lorak Quinn (sp?) to get the garage pass, the internal affairs lady will want you to get him to testify. Forcefully make him testify and you will get 25 renegade points.

3. Noveria:(Main Plotline) If you decide to kill the Rachni Queen rather than save her, you will get about 25 renegade points.

4.Virmire: When confronting Wrex, simply kill him. +25 Renegade.
HorZa IXBefore going to Virmire make sure you have recruited Wrex. Stupid me didn't do that and now I might have to do another playthrough to get this achievement, unless I can pick up the extra points along the way.
Posted by HorZa IX on 01 Mar 10 at 16:50
xMrJaredxI would like to add that on Noveria, if you decide to kill the Queen, another generous heap of Renegade points will be given to you. 25, I believe.
Posted by xMrJaredx on 21 Jul 10 at 19:40
Crimson Drifterthanks Jared I've added it.
Posted by Crimson Drifter on 09 Apr 11 at 20:50
WotWaPoinMinati know this is super late but on Noveria tell Administrator Anoleis that Parasini is an internal affairs officer. he kill her and himself and you get 25 renegade points add that to forcing lorak quin to testify its a nice 50 renegade
Posted by WotWaPoinMinat on 25 Feb 13 at 12:14