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Teamed Up

Played a match while in a party.

Teamed Up0
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04 Mar 2017 27 Sep 2017
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Your account must be at level 5 to obtain this achievement.

How do I unlock Teamed Up?
Simply invite someone and finish a match.

Invite a friend through game
From the menu go to Social cn_back, select a friend, and press "Invite to Party."

Invite a friend through Xbox
Press the guide button cn_guide, go to "Friends & Clubs", select a friend, pop out "Invite" tab, and press "Invite to a game."

Create a Looking for Group (LFG) on Xbox
Press the guide button cn_guide and bring up "More Options" with cn_start when Paladins is highlighted. Go to "Game Hub" and then tab over to "Looking for Group" and select "Create Post."

Create a gaming session here on TrueAchievements
First log in or sign up through the top right corner of the page. After that you can create/join a session here on TrueAchievements under the "Achievement Sessions" tab to the right.
iMaginaryyYou should probably point out that you need to get to account level 5 first.
Posted by iMaginaryy on 15 Mar 17 at 14:18
TranierxThanks, added to the solution.
Posted by Tranierx on 20 Mar 17 at 02:22
BRAN IS HEREAnybody wanna do this?
Posted by BRAN IS HERE on 20 Mar 17 at 19:50
PointySpredIf you use the xbox lfg, just join someone and after the match is over it will pop, no need to add them as a friend.
Posted by PointySpred on 05 May 17 at 00:12
AqueousTxSo this is a little glitchy. I invited my mate who'd never played the game and I was level 40. Won a game of siege and at the end his achievement unlocked but mine didn't, though my 'Teamed Up' quest did complete... I restarted the game and it unlocked though the level 5 thing I don't think matters.
Posted by AqueousTx on 10 May 18 at 15:31