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Go for the Gold

Win 8 gold Daily Challenge badges

Go for the Gold0
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If you want to save money and get 2 gold badges for the price of 1 using premium, simply buy a premium one month pass around the middle of the month, it will last 30 days straight, and you can get the best of premium for two months instead of one because doing 15 or so days of challenges will get you gold even if you dont complete all challenges each day.
TerreThedark01How dis you manage to get premium ?
Posted by TerreThedark01 on 02 Apr 17 at 10:55
when you start a game, right click on the board and the option to go premium should come up
Posted on 02 Apr 17 at 18:35
TerreThedark01It's very strange, everytime I try to buy it, I receive a message like "Sorry we are not able to complete your payment"... Did You have This ?
Posted by TerreThedark01 on 04 Apr 17 at 06:32
yes, it didn't like my paypal, so i got around it by buying a 5 dollar microsoft store gift card, and then redeeming it which puts it on your balance, then buy it. nice to know it wasn't just me, thought i was crazy
Posted on 04 Apr 17 at 11:32
Homunculus FuryWhat is the purpose in getting premium?
Posted by Homunculus Fury on 14 Aug 17 at 15:53
easier to get gold badges, otherwise you have to play every day of the month or close to it
Posted on 15 Aug 17 at 10:49