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First Contact

Land on an alien planet.

First Contact0
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16 Mar 2017
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When starting the story mode and playing through the prologue, you eventually get on a planetary shuttle. Once it 'lands' the achievement pops.
NoisySighlenceBefore eos correct? I'm a already on on eos and haven't unlocked this
Posted by NoisySighlence on 21 Mar 17 at 08:26
RDSShould be before Eos indeed. I got it when I crashlanded on the planet in the prologue.
Posted by RDS#5610 on 21 Mar 17 at 12:29
markusfenix75Well. I am way after prologue and cheevo didnt pop up. It appears to be buggy
Posted by markusfenix75 on 23 Mar 17 at 22:11
RDSThere seem to be some issues with achievements not unlocking. Try logging in on to force them through.
Posted by RDS#5610 on 23 Mar 17 at 22:16
markusfenix75Tried that, but no luck. Locked on too
Posted by markusfenix75 on 24 Mar 17 at 14:49
MAJORIt's bugged for me as well
Posted by MAJOR#4307 on 24 Mar 17 at 19:57
DonaldPK51I unlocked it, just didn't get the notification pop
Posted by DonaldPK51 on 31 Mar 17 at 02:02
XellizPast achievement :(
Posted by Xelliz on 17 Apr 17 at 11:54
Vein 666Didn't pop for me either. Anyone try starting a new game? Did that work?
Posted by Vein 666 on 21 Apr 17 at 20:16
McCausland03I can confirm starting a new got me the achievement.
Posted by McCausland03 on 06 Jul 17 at 13:31
GYS GHOSThow can i miss this achievement for avoid the bad rateo?
Posted by GYS GHOST on 06 Oct 19 at 10:00