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No Go Gorgonzola

Make it through Act 3 without touching the Gorgonzola.

No Go Gorgonzola0
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18 Aug 2010
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I was confused by the description on this achievement, and I've seen forum posts from others that were too. Let me clarify. You only have to make it through just Act 3 without touching the gorgonzola, not from the beginning of the game to the end of Act 3. The gorgonzola is required for Act 2.
Just get the wensleydale in front of the store (you won't get stung). If you talk to the policeman, don't pick up the cheese that falls from his hat. Even if you put wensleydale in there in Act 2, it will be gorgonzola in Act 3 (verified).
Then go home. Get the record from upstairs (use the bed switch in the living room to get rid of the bee in the bed) and the remote in the hallway. In the basement, use the remote on wenslydale to make the robot come to you. Go to the back yard and drop the cheese into the basement. Go back to the basement, get in the robot and use the remote on wenslydale again to get to the top of the hive. Then just use the record on the record player.
Once you finish the act you'll get the achievement.