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I wanna be a baahlionaire

Gather $1000000

I wanna be a baahlionaire0
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22 Mar 2017 24 Apr 2017
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To be able to unlock the achievement quicker, you first need to get $100,000 to be able to have dinner with the CEO!
If you don't want to walk around too much, you can use the pirated goat mutator. You can unlock the pirated goat by going to research dome on left from spawn and go in and use the 3D printer.
Then just lick a NPC with $ signs, keep pressing the cn_Y button and more should spawn. Head butt the lot of them and then rinse and repeat.
You can get money by smashing crates, hitting people with the money symbols on them and doing quests for people.
You can go for some of the other achievements before attempting this as you'll earn cash while doing other achievements. LIKE
$25,000 to follow my guide for all trophies(just under $1,700 each one)
$35,000 for the spaceship upgrade so you can earn money going for the blow up ship achievements.
$40,000 for the Test Chamber with a stack of money crates at top after finishing all chambers
It took me the best part of a hour to get $100,000 without mutators, but should make it faster than that with some of the above information I didn't know before.
Once you have 100k go to see the CEO and just headbutt him and then he will say "You're fired! !" then just go outside and hit/mash the cn_Y button(which will spawn in money crates) while pressing cn_RT to smash them as you go.(See below)
It's much faster to get from 100k to 1 million if you repeatedly hit cn_Y+ cn_A+ cn_RB. This will constantly spawn the hover bike thing and explode it, breaking the crates as you spawn them (pressing cn_A gets you back up again after the explosion). Thanks goes to Octobot Super for that piece of information.
Less than 5-10 minutes later you should have 1 million and you're done.
Stuffyjimi18Why negative votes?? I have a video of me getting 100k but it's over 50 minutes and there isn't any short cuts. I can put that in the post if you like??
Posted by Stuffyjimi18 on 23 Mar 17 at 09:26
Protocol DroidDont understand why people are giving negative this works perfectly fine...... positive from me..
Posted by Protocol Droid on 23 Mar 17 at 14:23
Stuffyjimi18Thanks Protocol Droid, much appreciated.
Posted by Stuffyjimi18 on 23 Mar 17 at 14:36
the jeffmeisterThumbs up from me, thanks for the guide. Nice job, will definitely use when I start the DLC!!
Posted by the jeffmeister on 23 Mar 17 at 17:06
SpudimusPrime89I caan only guess that the negative votes from the people that just hate the game. Some people just don't get that the game is suppose to be stupid fun.
Posted by SpudimusPrime89 on 23 Mar 17 at 17:33
MakeMeACoffeeAFK method (requires turbo)

Go to first big room, up stairs to podium
Baa with LB
get money

(About 1k every minute)
Posted by MakeMeACoffee on 24 Mar 17 at 09:57
Stuffyjimi18Wow nice MakeMeACoffee! i did this but it only gave it me once.
I haven't got a turbo controller, so i cannot verify or record it..
If someone could let me know if it works for them. That would be great.
Posted by Stuffyjimi18 on 24 Mar 17 at 10:15
MakeMeACoffeein about an hour i got 100k so its actually faster than i thought
Posted by MakeMeACoffee on 24 Mar 17 at 10:32
TuKraZeNegative votes because this is how people are nowadays. +1 from me however as the solution works perfectly fine. This should be made as the last achievement to obtain for this DLC so that you can accumulate as much of the 100k needed to visit the CEO. Maybe state that in the Solution that it is recommended in that order. Thanks again :)
Posted by TuKraZe on 24 Mar 17 at 15:08
Stuffyjimi18Okay thanks TuKraZe, I think I've got your message across on there. Am going to try and add some of the unlock $ amounts tonight.
Posted by Stuffyjimi18 on 24 Mar 17 at 15:28
TuKraZeProbably a good shout. I found when going for some of the collectibles there was bunches of cash stashes at some of the locations like before getting to the spaceship near spawn area and also if you can get used to the controls when attempting to use the Spaceship, I accumulated a lot of $ then taking out the pirates and police ships etc. Don't let negative votes stop you offering solutions man. Keep up the good work.
Posted by TuKraZe on 24 Mar 17 at 17:03
NeimadTheNomadThis is probably just me being dumb, but the achievement didn't pop when I hit a million. Anyone got an idea why or do I have to start a new game?

Nevermind just restarted the game and got it. Thumbs up to solution! clap
Posted by NeimadTheNomad on 24 Mar 17 at 21:07
Grimace221I did the 3d printer,but didn't get the mutator. But this game is kinda buggy, still solid solution +1
Posted by Grimace221 on 25 Mar 17 at 02:55
nemesis646This solution is pretty solid, the negative votes seem dumb.

Just a heads up for people, this achievement sometimes takes a bit of time to register; it took about two minutes then unlocked for me.
Posted by nemesis646 on 26 Mar 17 at 21:17
Stuffyjimi18Yeah Thanks nemesis646, I've done some alterations as the kind comments above suggested. Glad it helped.
Posted by Stuffyjimi18 on 26 Mar 17 at 21:34
RuthlessRemixWhen I press Y nothing happens. I've head butted him and everything else is done. Do I need a mutator on?
Posted by RuthlessRemix on 20 Apr 17 at 12:34
Stuffyjimi18Hey RuthlessRemix, What does it say when you press the cn_back button and go to stretch goals, under Dinner with the CEO?
I did the dialogue twice with the CEO in video and then had to hit him twice for him to say "you're fired" which automatically should give you this mutator.
I hope this resolves your situation.
Posted by Stuffyjimi18 on 20 Apr 17 at 16:44
Octobot SuperIt's much faster to get from 100k to 1 million if you repeatedly hit cn_Y + cn_A + cn_RB. This will constantly spawn the hover bike thing and explode it, breaking the crates as you spawn them (pressing A gets you back up again after the explosion).

This cuts the grind from 100k to 1 million down to about 4 minutes.
Posted by Octobot Super on 23 Apr 17 at 15:07
Stuffyjimi18Nice find octobot, if anyone can confirm this I can add it to the guide??
Posted by Stuffyjimi18 on 23 Apr 17 at 16:29
TXRickCWorked on the 360 version too 👍🏻 (As well as the hover addition too)
Posted by TXRickC on 24 Apr 17 at 01:40
Atomic ComicGreat guide thanks man smile
Posted by Atomic Comic on 08 May 17 at 23:58
HellCreeper666Good guide toast
Posted by HellCreeper666 on 15 Jun 17 at 07:11
Ghost m0deYou guys are making it much more complicated than it needs to be. Before headbutting the CEO, remove all of your mutators, so that they don't interfere with what you are about to do. Headbutt the CEO, and the "You're fired" message will appear. Now just position yourself in front of any wall and start mashing the Y+RT buttons together. In less than 10 minutes, you'll reach $1,000,000. With this approach, you don't have to worry about the hoverbike exploding, or the wasted time of you having to get up after the explosion.
Posted by Ghost m0de on 05 Sep 17 at 15:29
STRAWB3RY ANG3LLike Ghost m0de said, the money mutotator turns off when any other mutator is removed. If this happens, just restart and go back to CEO and do it again.
Posted by STRAWB3RY ANG3L on 24 Sep 17 at 20:45
marklynxThumbs up. Anyone having issues, read the comments as they certainly helped me. Headbutt the CEO with RT. Once FIRED, constantly mash A+Y+RB. 5 minutes later, you are a millionaire.
Posted by marklynx on 01 Feb 18 at 03:38
ClassicKiriyamaI found just mashing Y to be simpler, the crates explode anyway on the 360 due to model limitations, and it was easier on my finger
Posted by ClassicKiriyama on 17 Feb at 23:50
Im Just MaccorMy Y button is in my basement 😂 Amazing guide 👌
Posted by Im Just Maccor on 27 Apr at 22:54
ajgoesUNLUCKYSoooo much faster than running around
Thanks man
Posted by ajgoesUNLUCKY on 29 May at 22:58