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Score a total of 18 Goals in Dropshot

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23 Mar 2017 23 Mar 2017
97 6 6
Dropshot mode
Heavy ball
Ball size large
Time unlimited
No bots

*rumble mode helps also

Have fun
ForeSpikes only is best if you are doing rumble mode too. You can grab the ball and jump and bounce it on one panel
Posted by Fore on 30 Mar 17 at 20:20
m4xchartMagnet also!
Posted by m4xchart on 30 Mar 17 at 23:08
WoodenCoasterNice tips. Got my last 7 goals in just over 4 minutes of exhibition play.
Posted by WoodenCoaster on 20 May 17 at 13:44
Johnny Fl3xTook me 4 minutes just to score 1 goal. Not exactly sure how this mode is supposed to be played lol
Posted by Johnny Fl3x on 20 Dec 18 at 01:11 the shootout with this too as I had created a club. This is like those arcade games where where you break boxes..
Posted by DuskFeline on 03 May 20 at 07:46
SonnieSlimEasy. Thanks
Posted by SonnieSlim on 22 Aug 21 at 17:42