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Complete test chambers.

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23 Mar 2017
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Portal references in the Waste of Space DLC (and one Earthworm Jim reference).

To start off you will need to reach $40,000 in CrowdKicker funds to open up the Test Chamber.

From the Crowd Kicker headquarters/start head left as soon as you exit. Under the left side of the spaceship pad is a jump pad. Use that to reach the entrance to the Test Chambers

Just some quick notes as you move through the chambers:
-When you get The Tether Device press cn_Y to attach the Companion Cow to the attachment points.
-In test 05 Lazors use the Companion Cow to eliminate some of the 'lazor' beams. When you have to jump to the second red button press cn_B to ragdoll and make the jump.
-In the repeating loop room wait until the walls are completely filled with cow pictures, then turn around and go the opposite direction.

JORAX...and if the last cow glitches out and gets caught in the wall, start from scratch :(. Nice guide though, just a really annoying game at times.
Posted by JORAX on 11 Apr 17 at 05:41
HalidocThe glitches can be maddening at times, I totally agree. Resetting can be such a pain, thankfully going through the test chambers only takes around 10 minutes, but of course you can't get that previous playtime back. I am glad the solution was helpful, though.
Posted by Halidoc on 11 Apr 17 at 07:17
b0seijuTip @ room 6, just headbut all the lase chihuahua's
Posted by b0seiju on 27 Apr 17 at 11:31
The GlobalizerOne thing that worked for me when my cow got glitched into the floor: I managed to tether the cow, then went to the drop-off chute. There was a target at the bottom of the chute - I spammed Y to attach the cow, and somehow, it teleported the cow to that spot and completed the last chamber. Not sure why it worked, but it's Goat Sim, it's basically a bunch of random trash anyway. laugh
Posted by The Globalizer on 02 Sep 17 at 04:47
Ghost m0deBefore going for this achievement, activate the "Inventory" mutator from the Main menu. This will allow you to store or remove the cow from the inventory stash at will. Some of the test chambers can be bypassed completely by reaching the objective and dropping the cow onto the switch. Also, if the cow glitches out, you can save it by pulling it into, then out of the inventory stash.
Posted by Ghost m0de on 05 Sep 17 at 18:08
Tuc396I was in Test 5 when all of a sudden I fell out of the map (for like the 12th time) and the achievement randomly popped for me.

This game is a buggy mess but that is the beauty of it.
Posted by Tuc396 on 27 Sep 17 at 21:11
AnxsighetyThis is dumb, but Y makes me drop money crates not tether. I swear I have tried everything.
Posted by Anxsighety on 12 Dec 17 at 12:23
HalidocThat should be fixed if you take off the Bahillionare Hat, IIRC it looks like a top hat. Start the game over again with no modifiers and you should be good.
Posted by Halidoc on 12 Dec 17 at 12:44
oO CRAIGE OoI've completed this 3 times now and no cigar. Twice in one save and then I pressed "restart" and tried again , still nothing, any advice would be great? 😭

I totally understand no-one has commented for 2 year
Posted by oO CRAIGE Oo on 27 Nov 19 at 14:26