Dead Rising 4 Review by MrTeaNCrumpets

28 Mar 2017 28 Mar 2017
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So I only just got around to finishing the story of Dead Rising 4 and while I found the nemesis to be interesting, comedy funny, the core gameplay fun and ending to be epic. That is pretty much all this game has going for it, that and the several reverences to previous games.

I did pick the game up at launch, however I only played it 3 times within the first week. The first time I encountered a crash, the second I got stuck whilst climbing a crate and was unable to break free from the falling animation and lastly a game breaking glitch in the first boss battle where the second "sequence" (him jumping down) would not take place.

Little over 3 months later, I decided that I would finally get around to finishing the game. Expecting the things I encountered before to not reoccur, I didn't get stuck (physically), crash or come across any game breaking bugs, however, other problems persisted. Zombies would still load into objects (Cars, crates, walls) which in some cases would prevent me from completing an objective where I had to save a survivor. Yet the biggest hit is the sound bugs, where voice files won't play in both cutscenes and the open world (Most notably was the final boss cutscene and final cutscene of the game. The loss of the voices made it really hard to connect with what was going on.

The loss of Co-Op is the biggest hit, one of many peoples favourite features removed for a needless "multiplayer mode" which just feels like the co-op challenges for Dead Rising 2: Off The Record. Combined with the complete removal of timed events, while Dead Rising 3 at least had "Nightmare Mode" which brought back timed events, Dead Rising 4 throws that out the window as well.

Overall, the game was a fun play, but the removal of several key features of the game and so many bugs still to this date. I have to give this game a 3/10.
Darklord1899All the bugs that are in the game that you speak of I have experienced this week. It was down to 20 pounds in CEX so I purchased it. If I had paid £45 I would have been disappointed as this just is not a triple a title.
I still think that it is better that you say.. probably for me 3 and a half. I had not noticed that they had taken off the co op. I am really enjoying it and I really enjoyed 3. I just think they should have included some of the cool cars from the 3rd game.
Posted by Darklord1899 on 31 Mar 17 at 00:26
MrTeaNCrumpetsIt defiantly would have been about a 5-6/10 if the bugs were fixed. I can somewhat accept game breaking bugs at launch, but to have your game still so buggy after 3 months and still have the ignorance to expect people to pay for a season pass is really insulting.

There's several things I left out in the review like the replacing of "Psychopaths" for the boring "Maniacs" and how "revisiting the setting from the first game" is far from the truth. The mall is completely different from how it was in the first game.

I really wanted to like this game more, I'm just getting sick of buying games that don't get fixes for bugs. I think I'll do what you did when the next Dead Rising game comes out, wait for it to be £20 because £45-£50 for this game is a massive rip-off.
Posted by MrTeaNCrumpets on 31 Mar 17 at 14:19
MrTeaNCrumpetsIt's so weird because each time I got on the game, I always found at least 1 new bug I hadn't encountered before, it got to a point where I was taking pictures (in-game) of each bug (if possible).

Yeah, we did play a couple of days ago, you won't be seeing me on that game ever again now I have completed it 100%. I can't stress how annoying and stressing the "Master Journalist" achievement is to obtain, not so much the 250,000 zombies you have to kill, but the fact it's glitched and seems to be completely unobtainable for people that have maxed out their MP character. =/
Posted by MrTeaNCrumpets on 14 Apr 17 at 18:33
Sabin VIyou should also cut of another Half Star from your Rating... because they cut overtime mode from the Game to sell it as a DLC called "Frank Rising"
Posted by Sabin VI on 11 May 17 at 04:45
j wiziteJust some food for thought. Almost every game launch has critical game glitches due to size of these games 30 gig plus. Wait a year and play it glitch free with no bugs for a fraction of the cost. That will also teach them to start getting it right from the start. Infinite warfare hasn’t patched their multiplayer achievement yet and that is a top selling title. Go figure
Posted by j wizite on 01 Dec 17 at 02:26
j wiziteI’m actually enjoying the game and appreciate the changes. Can’t keep everything the same or people will start complaining about how it’s the same game. Also, it’s a smaller map bc they want you to emphasize more on melee killing. DR3 definilty wanted you in the vehicle . Just a little different
Posted by j wizite on 01 Dec 17 at 02:29

Game's good solid phun. Story and characters are rounded and enjoyable, combat's a stupid overblown gore-fest, and it's open enough to install a sense of 'progress' and traversal, but so-much you'd find travel tedious. Only issue I really took on release was the absence of series-traditional 'Psychopaths'. I get why they're absent, but takes a lot away from the non-critical side of things.
It has a much-more 'arcade-y' feel to its gameplay than previous series entries, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. All depends how seriously you take the whole shebang, I guess.

I think if it looks like your kinda deal, then it more than likely is. Don't get much more than the trailers & box-summery promise. Not sure what else you'd expect.

Edit: Bugs ain't much of a problem at all. Scouts honour.
Posted by billbillbill on 07 Dec 17 at 02:02
KanchanaburiThis review is dated. The game (like every other new release) needed to be fixed and it has. You should try the game again and rewrite the review, it would be worth it. Without the problems you speak of, the game is now a solid experience. Very well written characters, with interesting sub plots and the story even touches on DR1's storyline which is interesting if you are about that type of thing.
Posted by Kanchanaburi on 13 Feb 18 at 20:17