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The Beast

You need to kill 6,666 people in Campaign

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19 Aug 2010 27 Aug 2010
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if you have the DLC just load chapter 9 act HORNETS NEST, kill first wave of enemy and then jump down into next section and kill all enemy that keep on spawning you should get about a 100 kills in a few mins of playing. Rinse and repeat.

Just a little update for this kill grinding solution once you have killed the 1st wave on enemies on the upper level, once you jump down the ladder to go into the warehouse section hold your AI partner so he doesnt steal any of your kills. After killing the 2 easy shotgun heavies, what i done was to take cover behind the forklift truck and you can see them keep spawning through the big shutter door infront of the forklift truck.
DeceptiveTengreat guide!! If you stay behind the boxes to the left of the forklift they keep respawning i got 143 kills.they stop spawning after i got the 143 kills it takes about 10 -15 min to get the kills
Posted by DeceptiveTen on 20 May 12 at 15:27
DeceptiveTenbtw that's top and bottom...on the top part when you go through the gate hold you partner shot the first two guys then run left and camp there by the door shoot heavy in the face and hang there till there's nobody left
Posted by DeceptiveTen on 20 May 12 at 15:33
DeceptiveTenrun to the right NOT LEFT
Posted by DeceptiveTen on 20 May 12 at 16:15