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Had one's Quill

Collect all 1,010 Quills

Had one's Quill0
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16 Apr 2017 16 Apr 2017
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Although this achievement seems somewhat daunting at first glance, it's really not that difficult. If you've already been hunting Pagies and other collectibles in each Grand Tome, chances are you're already close to hitting each world's 200 Quills. By the time I got to the final Pagie in each Tome, I already had about 190 Quills per Grand Tome.

While I'm not going to plot out all 1010 Quill locations on a map, here are some tips for hunting and some locations of hard to find Quills that had me running in circles.

Tips and Tricks
The biggest tip I can give you is to look everywhere. If you can see a location and can go there, chance are there are some hidden Quills in that location. Some Quills are obviously much more well hidden than others so don't hesitate to search every nook and cranny you can find.

Once you get down to 10 Quills remaining, you are able to make use of Vendi's Hunter Tonic. This Tonic will notify you when a rare collectible is nearby via a noise in the game or a controller vibration. Don't expect to use this for all 200 Quills in a Tome though. The Tonic only tracks "rare" collectibles, which means there must be 10 or less of them remaining.

Tricky Locations
Tribalstack Tropics
-There are a few Quills hanging out on top of the rock you walk under immediately exiting the area. Fly up or traverse the rocks on the edge of the map to reach them.
-After you defeat Rampo and claim his Pagie, make sure to hop behind him to add a few more Quills to your collection.
-After talking to Shovel Knight for the first time, head to the back of the temple, with your back facing SK's location. If you jump off the ledge and begin gliding, there is a single Quill on a small, grassy ledge below the temple.

Glitterglaze Glacier
(Not many difficult locations in this area, I was only missing 3 once I collected a majority of the Pagies)
-In the lake in the center of the map, there are quite a few Quills hanging out under the surface of the lake. Dive down or use the underwater breathing ability (if unlocked) to snatch these up.

Moodymaze Marsh
-In the area with a Time Trial, accessible by rolling across a ramp and going through a pipe, there are a few Quills on the track that you may have missed the first time around. These are all easily visible by traversing around the track.
-On the platforming sections with moving logs, there are a few Quills off to the sides that are easily missed if you don't check your surroundings before crossing the river.

Capital Cashino
-Along the ledges of the House of Cards there are a few Quills that can be missed if you don't fly around this area much.
-Inside the large central fountain, there are a few Quills along with a couple Casino Tokens.
-Near Vendi's location under the golf course, there are a few Quills along the wall that easily blend into the environment.

Galleon Galaxy
-Around the backside of the starting island, there is a destructible meteor hiding a few Quills under it. Destroy the meteor with Grenades or the pirate ship cannon to claim them.
-In the area with a couple outhouses, each of the blue outhouses can be hit to open up and reveal a single Quill inside.
XBU PhilippeGood guide. I already have this but you really pointed out those for which I searched for a long time. Capital Cashino behind Vendi under the golf course and Galleon Galaxy behind the starting island took me a really long time...
Posted by XBU Philippe on 17 Apr 17 at 13:58
noname lukeGot all quills in the grand tome worlds.
But I'm missing still 2 quills in Hivory Towers. Do you have any suggestions?
Posted by noname luke on 18 Apr 17 at 19:01
Mario163@noname luke

The 10 squills are all at the very beginning of the game, outside of the Hivory Towers. They are all locked in chests.wink
Posted by Mario163 on 19 Apr 17 at 05:22
noname luke@Mario163
Oops, yes you're right - thanks alot.
Found them yesterday - 1 down at the valley and 1 beneath the rampard. A bit retarded :)
Posted by noname luke on 19 Apr 17 at 20:47
iTz Canada EhhJust one thing to point out, and idk if this is true or not as I'm only about halfway through the game, but according to one of the tips on the loading screens it says the Hunter tonic will work if there are 30 or less, not 10 or less. Once I get that far I'll have to see if that's actually true.

*Edit* Can confirm the hint I saw was true, as I was missing over 20 quills in the first world and was finding them using the Hunter tonic.
Posted by iTz Canada Ehh on 15 Dec 17 at 03:11
dodi779I can confirm hunter tonic works with 29 quills left in the last world
Posted by dodi779 on 28 Jul 18 at 06:18
Ian333333Thanks for the tip about the outhouses I was going mad looking for the last 3 in the game!!! Hunter tonic wolf whistles when you're close to a quill
Posted by Ian333333 on 24 Nov 19 at 04:04