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Operation Narco Road: Kill 50 enemies with any gang's vehicle

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Must be done on the Narco Road DLC. They are accessed separately in the main menu.

To do this, you need to use a "gang vehicle" (i.e. a Santa Blanca one, who for this DLC are ON your side). The monster truck will do. Most Alpha/Bravo/Charlie/Delta/Echo spawn per region has one. If you have the ability to call in a monster truck on your radio then this is very handy as I'll explain below. I think you have it by default when starting the DLC.

A good place to farm this is in "F.O.B. Buitre - a Unidad base to the left of Media Luna Alpha (the first area you begin in. ) Grab your truck, go there and cause havoc! Run over as many Unidad as you can. The more you kill, the higher your wanted rating and the more spawn. Your truck is also pretty immune to damage and can normally get 10-15 kills without even having to worry about changing vehicle.

If you can radio in a monster truck, do so and rinse and repeat. Worst comes to worst just respawn at Media Luna Alpha and rinse and repeat that way. 50 kills came to me in about 5 minutes only having 12 before farming.
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Level 75 Noob I'm assuming that:
1) Playing in coop for this requires all players to do 50 kill separately even when in the same vehicle.
2) Using a gang vehicle with a turret on the back to gun enemies down counts as well.
Posted by Level 75 Noob on 06 Jun 17 at 06:24
NoHeroes94 @Level 75 Noob - Your best bet is to do this solo, or if you really only play co-op configure your achievement tracker to show this achievement - you should see it go up 2% for each kill you do, and is pretty good in that regard. I don't think you'd need to make everyone do it. It's accumulative, meaning that its not tied to story (most problems with co-op is making sure everyone's done the required missions / DLC followers). I'd recommend asking your buddies if you can drive if you want this achievement.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 06 Jun 17 at 06:38
BuckShotzNYC bullsh*itlaugh
Posted by BuckShotzNYC on 04 Sep 17 at 17:56
NoHeroes94 ?
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 04 Sep 17 at 17:57
WereWolves Pack thanks for good guide
Posted by WereWolves Pack on 20 Jul 18 at 14:32
Tao Logos They all seem to hide behind walls. Not finding this a good spot
Posted by Tao Logos on 14 May 19 at 23:59