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CARAVAN MODE 60,000 points

CARAVAN MODE 60,000 points.

CARAVAN MODE 60,000 points0
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20 Apr 2017 21 Apr 2017
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Ok, here's a way to do with that requires zero skill at fighting games.

Pick Joe, fight against Kim, your 2nd fight will be Andy and then the fat guy.

All you gotta do is Down + B to slide kick. This won't always work but usually against the first few, rather dumb enemies. You can slide under projectiles and do a flying knee when chasing them into the background with the same motion. So you spam them with this until you get him backed into the corner. Then each time he's getting up off the floor, Spam X real fast to do a barrage of punches which he will usually block. Once the animation ends quickly slide kick while he's blocking.

This works almost every time. I didn't lose a round until the 5th fight, 2nd round on High Score mode, and by then my score was 120,000. Twice what I needed. Sometimes I can get perfects this way. It doesn't always work but I beat both Caravan and High score on my first try using this cheap technique and beat the whole game in less than an hour.

neeker75This solution is all it takes to make me buy the game.
Posted by neeker75 on 26 Apr 17 at 22:21
LuckyKantMade it by 100 points lol
Posted by LuckyKant on 14 May 17 at 12:12
XGC GunNutCan confirm that this DOES NOT FUCKING work! The computer knows the move and counters with a low kick i can't block or get away from.
Posted by XGC GunNut on 17 Jun 17 at 19:36
Serious X DevilBig Bear is the way to go for all these achievements, he is bulky and when his attacks hit they do large amounts of damage.
Posted by Serious X Devil on 17 Jun 17 at 22:53
ComesBrothersWorked perfectly fine for me. This is definitely a +1 , I'm not good at fighting games, i don't use the special attacks, just smash buttons and hope for the best. First tries I died, just need to get the hang out of it, now it goes and works for me everytime... Just do that cn_downcn_B and when the enemy is in the corner smash cn_X.
Posted by ComesBrothers on 11 Aug 17 at 14:11
fighterx93chippYou are a god damn legend lmao
Posted by fighterx93chipp on 27 Sep 17 at 04:18
KrisWalkinThis tactic does not work very well, almost all characters can easily counter it on the lowest difficulty.
Posted by KrisWalkin on 16 Aug 18 at 19:26
The PickupTruckYou’re guide sucks
Posted by The PickupTruck on 18 Aug 18 at 16:08
LuckyKant*Your English and tracking sucks.
Posted by LuckyKant on 18 Aug 18 at 16:10
OzbrithianI can't PROMISE that this guide will work for everyone. I can say it worked for me. And then a year later I did it again in less than an hour on the PC. I can consistently win with this method.

I will concede it won't work against EVERY fighter, but I consistently beat the first several fighters. Double Perfect against Kim is very doable.
Posted by Ozbrithian on 19 Aug 18 at 05:40
neeker75I used the same method for Win10 version, and had no issues too.
Posted by neeker75 on 19 Aug 18 at 05:49
Serious X DevilYour guide is great, hes probably not that good at fighting games and taking it out on your guide. laugh
Posted by Serious X Devil on 19 Aug 18 at 12:32
Failure OnlineWorked great for me. Main problem was time, not the method. But getting a single perfect on Kim helped me get to 60k in under 3 minutes.
Posted by Failure Online on 31 Aug 18 at 21:48
EvieLeafWorked perfectly, thank you! Did it by the third fight because i managed to get a perfect win with this technique.
Posted by EvieLeaf on 31 Jan 19 at 21:56
TheOnlyMattoworked awesome man. and with this game being on sale i must say you are my favorite person on trueachievements.... for now....
Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 16 Feb 19 at 18:17
Ink SplittersWow it is so easy I did it on my first try with your method. I obtained the score before the end of the first round against the second character.
Posted by Ink Splitters on 28 Mar 19 at 20:33
Pedle ZelnipDoes not work. Not only do I not get a perfect match, by the 2nd match I'm getting my ass handed to me.
Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 05 May 19 at 16:34
Rusty Nail zhFirst off, I'm not good at fighting games at all.
The core guide is good and an easy way to win without practicing too much and knowing deadly combos. It sometimes just takes a couple of tries until the CPU reacts how he supposed to react. It took me 4 tries for Caravan and 2 tries on HI Score with this method.
Only thing I can't agree, is that you don't get through the first 2 fight as easy as the guide says.
Posted by Rusty Nail zh on 18 Sep 19 at 22:16
GV LocJust pick Big Bear and mash B, jump + B, down + B, bite them all.
It will work better than any other solution. Big Bear is the tall fat guy.

Good luck and dont get angry, because i hate fighting games too.
Posted by GV Loc on 23 Oct 19 at 20:41
The PickupTruckBig bear worked so well, made it easy, just mash the B button
Posted by The PickupTruck on 02 Feb at 13:47