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More Followers than Escobar

Operation Narco Road: Fill the Followers Gauge of all regions to 100%

More Followers than Escobar0
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21 Apr 2017 21 Apr 2017 29 Oct 2017
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For this achievement, you have to get 100% followers in the 4 provinces in the Narco Road DLC.

Warning: Some are reporting that this achievement is glitching on them. Unfortunately I don’t have any extra tips as the requirements are already extremely linear. The more people what report this to Ubisoft the more seriously a patch will be taken. As of writing I don’t think this happens to everyone.

You Must do the following in each area:
1) Complete all Main Missions.
2) Complete all Green Side Missions (Animal traffic, Amphetatruck, Airspray and Lost Cars)
(Video attached for Lost Car locations).

3) Complete all Electro Challenges (Drifts, Climbs, Aerobatics, Bike, Jump).

You should get 3500 followers (the max in a region) after completing the very last item of the list above. The missions, side missions and challenges provide you with EXACTLY the max amount of followers. There is no extras, you must complete all the above for all the followers.

Although straightforward, it will take a while. After doing the story and a bits and bobs it still took me 90mins-120mins per region, so it will take you 6-8 hours in total even after the story to complete this unless you are a significant pro at this game and never die or fail a side mission.
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BenjiBurn Hi,
I did all the stuff required for this achievment, progression 100% on my party. 3500 followers on each region ... ANNNND no achievement.
Am I the only one who didnt get the achievement? Is there a bug?
Posted by BenjiBurn on 30 Apr 17 at 15:17
BenjiBurn Look at this screenshot : 100% and achievement still locked :(
Posted by BenjiBurn on 30 Apr 17 at 15:57
NoHeroes94 Another friend of mine had a similar glitch.

There might be a problem on Ubisoft's behalf.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 30 Apr 17 at 16:02
BenjiBurn So? We just have to wait for an update? :/ Your friend doesnt find a solution?
Posted by BenjiBurn on 30 Apr 17 at 16:51
NoHeroes94 No they didn't.

I really don't know what to suggest. 100% would mean you have done all the requirements but people were earning the achievement yesterday and today which would suggest that it isn't complete unobtainable.

Aside from checking that each region has 3500 followers and there is absolutely no Electro challenges or Green side missions left I'm out of ideas I'm afraid :/
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 30 Apr 17 at 17:12
NoHeroes94 Also if you did anything co-op, make sure you load single player and make sure that everything is still complete. Solo/Co-op carry-over progress is temperamental at the best of times.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 30 Apr 17 at 17:13
BenjiBurn I did everything, I double checked. I never played on coop :/ Only solo, I did all the electro challenges and green side missions :/ I discovered all the shadow on the map. It's the last achievement I dont have. 1200/1300G. :(
Posted by BenjiBurn on 30 Apr 17 at 17:23
MIK813 Car locations helped for me!
Posted by MIK813 on 15 May 17 at 19:56
Sol76 Got it ! No problems whatsoever. I left 1 side mission ( Coca plants spray mission ) as the last one instead of an elektro challenge just to be sure.
Thnx for the guide ! +1 from me !
Posted by Sol76 on 22 May 17 at 11:31
Taipei Kindom The Airspray is extremely FUN!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Taipei Kindom on 28 May 17 at 11:42
Cruzeberry Unfortunately I am one of the many that cannot do this as no missions are showing up in the Los Jinetes Locos region. Done all the side missions and electro things, still nothing there. Have got 100% on the regions leading up to this one
Posted by Cruzeberry on 30 May 17 at 19:09
BenjiBurn still no bugfix from ubisoft... grrr ><
Posted by BenjiBurn on 06 Aug 17 at 15:49
NapalmNiko I can t do the mission with arturo in the church it says always leaved the area after a few seconds
Posted by NapalmNiko on 25 Oct 17 at 11:41
SMIDSY24 is there a fix yet or solution i had the same thing just happen all followers and no achievement i even did the last thing solo and still nothing my mate did the same and his popped
Posted by SMIDSY24 on 29 Oct 17 at 20:42
NoHeroes94 Hey guys, really sorry if it’s not working for you.
I’ll edit the solution but since I already have it and what’s required for all followers is already so stringent I don’t know what to suggest.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 29 Oct 17 at 20:56
RiseofMrBlonde2 same here. spent the last 3 nights getting all this stuff. even had the uplay rewards pop up for getting all areas to 100% but no achievement
Posted by RiseofMrBlonde2 on 08 Nov 17 at 02:51
Waddaboo Is this still buggy for people playing recently?
Posted by Waddaboo on 21 Apr 18 at 14:38
Chriiistophe I unlocked this chievo yesterday. No problem for me.
Posted by Chriiistophe on 14 Oct 18 at 09:56
iMmOrT4L Sh4DoW I have a problem with trial bike challenge, every single time I start the mission automatically fail. This trial is in the death bikers location, does anyone have my same problem?
Posted by iMmOrT4L Sh4DoW on 21 Apr 19 at 00:01
Ultamisia Still bugged...
Posted by Ultamisia on 27 Aug 19 at 03:39