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Frank Rising - Complete Frank Rising with the best ending on Blackest Friday difficulty.

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23 Apr 2017 24 Apr 2017
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Okay, so I can confirm that they finally fixed the previous game-breaking glitch. I loaded up a save where I had run into it, and now you can progress past that point to finish the game.

So with Blackest Friday difficulty, much like the main story mode, everything hits harder and you don't get as much health from healing items (now eating people). On top of that, there's a time limit that does not reset whenever you die (though before you die you can pause the game, quit out and come back in to go to a checkpoint.).

However, Frank's zombie powers make surviving pretty simple. Pounce disarms human enemies, including the ones wearing power armor. His spit power does quite a bit of damage even when not fully charged to human boss enemies and acts as a mine when fully charges, and howl is just broken in how you can stun a bunch of enemies at once and get your combo really high. Only issue with the powers is that they're upgraded through collecting items strewn across the maps, completing trials, and completing the challenges in the mode, which the game calls collecting Princess wasps. For the best ending, you need to collect all the princess wasps.

The collectables only show up on the map once you've collected a scanner, but the scanners are already on the map. Just make sure you collect everything before leaving the mall, as you won't be able to get back in. Remember to check on second floors. The collectables you gather carry over to another playthrough, so you keep the upgrades.

The trials are also pretty simple. Run around, eat zombies, collect stuff. For evo zombies you can also eat them, you just need to stun them or hit them beforehand. There are plenty of evo zombies to eat around and in the school, so don't worry too much about it. The trials you complete also carry between playthroughs, so you can always try again if you run out of time.

The princess wasp challenges are fairly straight-forward. There are 'run around and collect these wasp clouds', 'get your combo up', 'survive for a certain time while your health depletes', 'blow up these wasp things', and 'kill these survivors/military folks'. However, they DO NOT carry over to another playthrough. If you start a new game on another difficulty, you will have to do the Princess wasp challenges again!

Run around and collect these wasp clouds: Just keep running. All of them should be simple and in view. For the last one in West Ridge, there are a few outside the house and over the fence, but that's it.

Get your combo up: Now with the zombie's increased health drain this could be deadly, however Zombie Frank's dash now hurts zombies, so for the first one you can just dash around the crowd without getting hurt and get your combo up. Once you unlock Howl, use it, then spam dash until you can use Howl again.

Survive while your health depletes: For this, you'll want to follow the same strategy as above for the combo: Use dash, then once you get your combo high enough, chow down on the nearest zombie. In West Ridge the challenge also adds some soldiers with RPGs, try to find an area where they can't hit you before eating the zombies.

Blow up these wasp things: Run, and use fully-charged spit. The soldiers are annoying, but you do not need to engage them to finish these tasks. Just try to sprint to the wasp thing, charge spit, shoot, onto the next.

Kill these survivors/military folks: These are probably the hardest challenges in this mode, purely because of how much damage guns and explosives do on Black Friday. Even so, they're not that bad. Make use of pounce to disarm people, then beat them into the ground/eat them. For the military folks, their boss is going to run away to summon more goons to hit you, but in both challenges you can pounce him before he gets too far. Make use of howl and the spit move once you get them too, the stuns/damage output makes quick work of these chumps.

Now I will warn you, you'll want get the fully-upgraded melee attacks or the spit move before attempting the military guys, as they have very high health and can stun you, which is basically a second death sentence on BF difficulty.

The last 'Kill survivors' challenge is probably the hardest one, as you have to run though a safe house with six hostile survivors and at the end are two bosses wielding combo weapons you have to kill in a short amount of time. For the bosses use howl to stun them and pounce to disarm them, then spam short bursts of spit to kill them. Even with that it's very tight, I only had about 20 seconds to spare when I finished it.

Now then, none of the main story missions are as bad as the princess wasp challenges. The missions are generally 'Go here and grab this thing', so you can just run in, grab it, and run out. As you're generally surrounded by zombies, you can always grab one to regenerate health while doing missions. The hardest ones in the game are going to the farm and going to the winery, as they don't have much zombies around but plenty of humans with guns. However, at those points in the game you should have unlocked or be close to unlocking all of Frank's zombie powers. Use howl to stun the enemies and get your combo up for quick eating, and use pounce to disarm them and spit to quickly kill them.

The last mission in the lab can be hard, but you can make it one hell of a lot easier just by going around and using spit to set off all the explosives in the area. They're deadly to you on BF difficulty, but in the beginning the lab is empty, so you can just dispose of them then. From there on, it's just waiting for Blackborne to get it together while you howl and eat zombies.

Edit: Forgot the 'blow up the wasp things' challenges.
alandonovanThanks, good advice.
However, I'm struggling on the challenges, just overwhelmed with the soldier ones.
Is there a good order to do them in. When I tried I did not have howl, I was using the time when the dr is thinking.
Also, can you use reload to your advantage? Say if your about to die and reload a cp, do you still have the same amount of time? I guess it does not save any previous challenges?
Obviously I will persevere. But thanks again, any additional detail would be appreciated.
Btw... Is there any advantage in using the save from the campaign?
Posted by alandonovan on 23 Apr 17 at 21:53
JeremyHBPhDI would try to do the soldiers ones as the last you do, after getting all collectables/other challenges out of the way. Melee damage is tied to the collectables, and maxing it out also stuns human enemies, making the bosses a bit easier in the beginning.

Yeah, reloading a checkpoint before dying keeps your time. while a minute here and there may not seem like much, you're gonna want as much time as possible just in case.

No advantage whatsoever to using a save with a campaign, as nothing carries over. In fact, as I recall having a save from the campaign is what caused the progress-erasing bug in the first place. Weird and annoying, but there you go.
Posted by JeremyHBPhD on 24 Apr 17 at 02:03
alandonovanHey thanks for replying.
It may be best (for me) to map out the challenges and leave the soldier ones till last.
There just seems SO MANY challenges 🤢.
Will have to put in some time on this!
There is a YouTube on this where the gamer dies about 3 times and has to redo a number of challenges about 4 times. They arrived at the lab with 16 mins, so that gives me hope lol
Posted by alandonovan on 24 Apr 17 at 10:34
Warboy925Yeah.....I needed to do 2 normal playthroughs to get all the collectables and Princess Wasps. and ran out of time both times.......then just did a "speed run", to get the "Bad Ending".............Started BF mode with the intention, of killing off BF, Hard, and Best Ending all in one was easy as heck till I got to the Soldier Boss in Old Town, yes, saved it for last before I could get to West Ridge....oh man, killed me 3 times, I needed to stop and take a break.....Grrrrr!!!!!

Edit: As for your reply in the comments, "I would try to do the soldiers ones as the last you do, after getting all collectables/other challeges out of the way", would you really have time to do all challenges in West Point, then run back to Old Town, for the Soldier one you skipped, then have time to run back to the Farms or the Vineyard?

Got all collectables out of the way from my normal runs (Thank Goodness), the Unlimited Sprint is SO valuable!!!
Posted by Warboy925 on 15 May 17 at 14:44
ParadoxReal8Damn! I can't pass the part just before the house where we must defeat the 3 bunchs of soldiers! They one shot kill me everytimes even in full health. I will need another playthrought just to get there again and to die over and over again.
This is ridiculous! I completed everything and now I only have 10 minutes and I always die. I hate that part!
Posted by ParadoxReal8 on 17 May 17 at 03:07
Warboy925Personally, I think Dead Rising 3 is a MUCH better game!!! Achievements, gameplay, the DLC's and the story was just amazing to me.....
Posted by Warboy925 on 21 May 17 at 23:44
AgEnT STARZzI am on my first BF run and ive had no problem until the last princess one in the safe house. I have wasted 20 minutes and even dash boarding isnt saving me time. i was on 47 minutes before going to the farm and down to 27 now and still trying to do this. Can i still complete it in time?
Posted by AgEnT STARZz on 25 May 17 at 16:19
D34dBodyManYes you have enough time. Dashboarding dont work...You have to sign out of your live account and it will auto close the game. This way the game do t know what profile save to save to.

Make sure you sign out before your life hits 0 or you run out of time during the PW. Even if you don't see the you have died screen. You count as dead.
Posted by D34dBodyMan on 25 May 17 at 16:25
AgEnT STARZzI made it with 5 minutes to go smile
Posted by AgEnT STARZz on 25 May 17 at 16:56
alandonovanCould somebody please describe in more detail the time glitch. Tvm
Posted by alandonovan on 28 May 17 at 21:10
D34dBodyManAll you need to know is it you are going to die or if time will run out on the Princess Wasps trials, just press the xbox button and log out of you account. It will kick you from the game and allow you to reload your check point without time lost. once you die or time runs out, time is auto updated and you lose it.
Posted by D34dBodyMan on 28 May 17 at 21:18
alandonovanThanks for this. What annoys me is the randomness of the soldiers and poor input recognition.
But I will try this, the only problem is some of the fighting trials go every close to the wire.
I did try something similar with the save files (that desperate lol), but the cloud save is not regularly updated.
Posted by alandonovan on 29 May 17 at 06:31
Maverick HiroTip: Finish the dlc in normal mode focusing only on collectibles and getting the bad ending. This way, when you start black friday, you'll be in a better position with all passive perks already unlocked. Doing that, i managed to do all the black friday challenges, and when i got to the lab i still had 30mins to spare. I died two or three times and failed one challenge, but there was enough time to do everything.
Posted by Maverick Hiro on 26 Aug 17 at 19:19
ParadoxReal8Thanks to D34dBodyMan for saying about the logging out trick. I would probably never get it without this. Thanks to you, I just completed the entire game dance
Posted by ParadoxReal8 on 28 Oct 17 at 22:29
ClaytThaGreat@Hirouakan - thank you. Just starting this on BF wondering what the better order would be, and saw your comment. I'll heed your advice and start over on Normal.
Posted by ClaytThaGreat on 28 Dec 17 at 09:22
Bootybandit1Ok so I completed this on normal difficulty and got the best ending. The achievement counter went up to 50%, so too did the achievement for completing it on hard. Wondering if I just need to complete on blackest Friday in order for it to pop(without doing the challenges). Testing it now...
Posted by Bootybandit1#751 on 04 Jan 18 at 15:11
Bootybandit1Nope didn’t work 🙄
Posted by Bootybandit1#751 on 05 Jan 18 at 17:57
IVIr IVIeNsAI've wasted over 35 minutes trying to beat those two F****** C**** with swords on the roof of the safe house, it's a complete joke. Dead Rising DLC is amongst the very worst as a general rule, but this garbage takes the cake. Nice guide btw!
Posted by IVIr IVIeNsA on 09 Nov 19 at 13:26
PunkRawkSoldierThanks for the guide. My question is why does pounce suck so bad? You activate it an inch to the side of your target and it doesn’t register. There’s no auto-aim or snap-to-target. Half the time when I hit the button, it doesn’t register. I only have the last 2 difficulty achievements left and I’ve followed the posted guides and still get wiped all over the place. Seriously, fuck this bullshit DLC and the cunt that created it. I really used to like the Dead Rising series but this DLC has really put me off of it.
Posted by PunkRawkSoldier on 23 May at 19:11
kd rio 007This fucking DLC is trash. Those two stupid pricks on the roof WILL NOT be grabbed my my Y+B attack. Just pushes them around rather than actually doing what it's supposed to do angry
Posted by kd rio 007 on 12 Jul at 04:46