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Weird Tale

Complete Frifle's Challenges

Weird Tale+13.0
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeHost OnlyMultiple Playthroughs Required
24 Apr 2017
5 6 1
Bullet Kin 200 Sling
Blobulon 50 Elephant Gun
Hollowpoint 40 Unicorn Horn
Gunjurer 40 Bundle of Wands
Beholster 3 Pig
Mimic 5 Mimic Tooth Necklace
Gun Nut 35 Gunknight Helmet
Bullet Shark 40 Compressed Air Tank
Lead Maiden 30 Rattler
Gunzookie 30 Snakemaker
Shambling Round 30 Cat Claw
Shelleton 30 Shellegun
Shroomer 30 Makeshift Cannon
Kill Pillars 3 Gunzheng
Dragun 5 Grey Mauser

If you are specifically trying to tackle this achievement, utilize the shortcuts to take the elevators to the chambers where you'll see more of "said" enemy. Don't even bother killing the boss. Just rinse and repeat.

Just make sure once you have completed a bounty, go talk to Frifle. You don't want to forget, end up playing the game for 20 hours, and realize you didn't cash in on a bounty to start a new one.
Cower Before meThe advance gungeons and draguns update has changed the requirements for this achievement, lowering the amount required on certain enemies overall making it easier to obtain.
Posted by Cower Before me on 30 Jul 18 at 00:31