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Earthloving City

No water or ground pollution in a city of over 10,000 residents

Earthloving City-0.3
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26 Apr 2017 27 Apr 2017
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Some tips to help-

Use the Info view to find out how much pollution you have.

1. Just use wind turbines for your power as they produce no pollution.
2. Make sure your water source is well away from any pollution.
3. Have no industrial zones, use office zone to keep your
Industry bar happy.
4. When you reach the rank of 'Big town' you will have access to the Incineration plant. Build 3 or 4 of these close to your landfills. Use your inspection tool on all the landfills you own and start emptying your landfills, it'll send them to the incinerators. (Landfills will NOT recieve any rubbish while in emptying mode).
5. When you reach the rank of 'Big City' you will have access to the water treatment plant, bulldoze any water drain pipes you have and replace them with these.
6. Hopefully now the only thing you have left producing pollution is now the Incinerators. Now we can bulldoze them. It'd be advisable to activate the Recycling policy as the pollution will take a few in-game months to disappear. (This is because we have no way of emptying your populations garbage).
Lt WarfarinDo you have to avoid zoning for industry to get this to work?
Posted by Lt Warfarin on 27 Apr 17 at 03:00
Splinun1Yea, I have missed this in the guide, Apologies,
Posted by Splinun1 on 27 Apr 17 at 05:37
ZRkillerBUSHWhere will all the garbage go if i bulldoze the incinerators?
Posted by ZRkillerBUSH on 27 Apr 17 at 10:23
Splinun1It will accumulate in the populations houses/business. I wouldn't worry about it.
Posted by Splinun1 on 27 Apr 17 at 18:19
kintarisHi Splinun,

Great guide - just wanted to add that if you keep pollution to a minimum from the off, you can get the achievement as early as step 4 of your plan. I guess "No Pollution" simply means "less than 1%", as the achievement unlocked as soon as I hit below 1%. The only variation for me was that I put all residential areas on Recycling policy from step 4.

Wouldn't have gotten it without steps 1-4 though so thanks!
Posted by kintaris on 29 Apr 17 at 22:28
Splinun1Glad it was helpful :)
Posted by Splinun1 on 29 Apr 17 at 22:34
PJTierneyRegarding Industry, I would also recommend setting up Districts that limit your Industry to Forest or Farming, as these produce no pollution.

May come in handy for people who haven't unlocked Offices yet and want to start a new city from scratch for this Achievement.
Posted by PJTierney on 01 May 17 at 16:18
RotcatI got -1% pollution... hmmm..
Posted by Rotcat on 24 Jul 17 at 15:24
THE OOZPopped soon as ACP dropped below 1% (currently 0.78%). Incinerators made no difference, they are air pollution, currently got 10 running.
Posted by THE OOZ on 02 Mar 18 at 12:28
MetroidoAfter trying for hours... my pollution never dropped under 1,18%. I was mad an steuck my Incinerators with meteors.. Achievement popped and the pollution dropped at 0,78%..
Wonderful meteors..
Posted by Metroido on 22 Jun 18 at 02:20
Rista BJust an FYI, mine popped after following most of the tips above but did not go to step 6. Had the Eden Project built which took my ground pollution down to slightly over 3%, I dezoned a few industrial zones and then was working on the Tough City achievement. Having a crime rate of over 45% for more than a year caused most of my industry buildings to be abandoned...pop goes the achievement.
Posted by Rista B on 11 Oct 19 at 12:28
Mr DopeGamingI deleted all of my industry when I was re-arranging my city and this ended up popping once all of the buildings had disappeared. I only use advanced turbines as well as water treatment stations. I had 0% water pollution and my ground pollution was something like .83%
Posted by Mr DopeGaming on 23 Jan at 13:12