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Earthloving City

No water or ground pollution in a city of over 10,000 residents

Earthloving City-0.3
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29 Apr 2017
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If your in a position to get this ach, obtain the eden project monument, place in city, and all pollution is eventually dropped to 0%,
just a different way to get ach
Drew5195How long does it take to get it to 0% with eden project movement. It seems take forever or no processing dropping down. Im just at 4% ground pollution
Posted by Drew5195 on 07 Sep 18 at 21:00
Rotcat@MadMirror I've exactly the same problem, do you now know how long it takes?
Posted by Rotcat on 15 Apr 19 at 18:46
Drew5195I end up making copy save of my city and delete all stuff that had red mark on map. It pop that way. That monument seems never work.
Posted by Drew5195 on 15 Apr 19 at 19:39
Rotcat@MadMirror, Thanks. It seems like the Eden Monument only completely removes the pollution in the water but not for the produced pollution by the incinerators, nor for the generic industry. It drops, but not completly.
Posted by Rotcat on 20 Apr 19 at 19:47
Failure OnlineI de-zoned all my industry without deleting any incinerators and was able to drop below 1% using the eden project. I think de-zoning is pretty important.
Posted by Failure Online on 16 Jun 19 at 00:32