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Hard to the Core

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Hard to the Core-0.7
6 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Missable - These achievements can be missed.Time/Date - These achievements require you to play the game or perform actions at certain times, within a time limit, or on specific dates.
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29 Apr 2017 02 May 2017
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Hello guys !

For this achievement you'll need to beat the game under 1 hour and without dying at all.

The worst part is the timer.A perfect run will takes you nearly 55 minutes so you'll need to be quick and don't make any mistakes.
You can't quickly quit the game during a death because there's an autosave in the same time.But if you are afraid to beat the game in one go like me,for the Xbox One version you can use the Cloud save to cheat the death.

So,in short:

- Play offline
- At the end of a chapter go online,finish the chapter and quit to the main menu after starting the next chapter (to make a backup save online)
- Go offline
- Repeat

If you die online it's dead.And if you die offline,simply go to the dashboard,go to manage the game and erase the local save (the only save available offline).Go online and download your cloud save.Go offline again and continue your walkthrough ;-)

Also here's a full walkthrough for this achievement (all credits to Games Series Network):

Some tips:

- Try to finish the game 2 or 3 times.You'll need to learn perfectly the game.
- Use a walkthrough if you want to be sure about a tricky part
- You can pause or dashboard the game ! The timer is freezed during the pause.
- Obviously,don't collect any collectibles during this run,you don't have the time for that !
- Don't hesitate to run during the infiltration sequences.The IA is a little stupid and give up easily.You can most of the time rush from start to the end of a room in one go.
- If you're in a bad position you can restart to the previous checkpoint.It's not counted as a death (but i'm not sure about timer,i used this trick 2 times during my run and won the cheevo at the end,but be careful)

Good luck and have fun ! smile

Don't hesitate to like and comment my guide if it's useful,thanks a lot !
HawkeyeBarry20Do you know if you can pause your game or does the timer still work against you?
Posted by HawkeyeBarry20 on 29 Apr 17 at 21:35
Dave BodomNever really done the cloud save thing, can anyone explain how it works? Or what to actually do if you die?
Posted by Dave Bodom on 29 Apr 17 at 21:52
NoHeroes94Become my Little Nightmares buddy over the last week or so. Thanks so much for the support so far.

Like Dave, a quick explanation on cloud saving would be appreciated. I don't plan on doing it for a week or so anyway; I'm getting the other 12 and have work arrangements so i'll be trying next weekend.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 29 Apr 17 at 22:07
Clad masterYou can pause.Pause and/or dashboard will freeze the timer.I made a 5min pause during my successful run and i won the cheevo.

For the Cloud,well it's not easy to explain,but in short the cloud save (or online save) will be your backup save.For 95% of your run (if you want the easy way,the hard way was mine and not recommended) you'll play offline.In this case if you die,simply quit the game,go to "manage the game" on dashboard and erase the local save.Go online,launch the game and you'll download your cloud save.You'll be back at start of your chapter with 0 death on your counter :)

The best way to save in this game is to go online before the end of a chapter,finish the chapter,start the next one and quit to the main menu to make a backup save for each chapter (and go offline just after).I tried at mid-chapter but after dying i returned at the start of the chapter.So to be sure,i only saved at beginning of all chapters.

Voila,i hope i've explained well.Good luck guys and i'm here if you want more informations about that :)
Posted by Clad master on 29 Apr 17 at 22:56
Clad masterHum it's strange for your saves.I had the same problem once and i didn't know how to solve that.So i restarted since beginning :-/

But my guide works,i won the cheevo on a dummy account with this method :P
Posted by Clad master on 30 Apr 17 at 11:42
Dave BodomThanks alot for the explanation. I got to the middle of chapter 4 without the save method before dying so hopefully with this it won't feel as painful if I die lol.
Posted by Dave Bodom on 30 Apr 17 at 14:10
Decaying DeadI just tried to do this method and it didnt work for me. i reconnected to the internet before the end of the level, quit to main menu at the beginning of the following level after it finished saving, cut internet and loaded file back up and it was fine. but during chapter 3 the cook saw me as i entered the room and couldnt get away from him and died. dashboarded, deleted internal memory, reconnected then tried to load and it just keeps reloading a save from several hours ago from before i even started trying the speed run.

Also, on xbox, maybe its just mine somehow but there is no load option. there is resume, new, and chapter select. None of which say your time so far, so you have to kind of eyeball it as you play through, which becomes slightly difficult if you try to do the cloud save

EDIT: apparently when i deleted the internal save it either didnt delete it or there were multiple saves in that one spot. I tried to delete my save a separate time and after deleting it there was still another save file there, which explains what happened with what loaded for me. So anyone trying to do the save exploit, make sure you get rid of all your saves for this game
Posted by Decaying Dead on 30 Apr 17 at 14:53
NoHeroes94First attempt the cloud save method worked, I was just too slow (on that notes I think restarting checkpoint, although counts as no death, does add to your time.)

Now nothing will save to cloud at all? Using the exact same method.

Can do Chapter 1 in 9-10 minutes no death, I follow the formula below

- Play offline
- At the end of a chapter go online,finish the chapter and quit to the main menu after starting the next chapter (to make a backup save online)
- Go offline
- Repeat

In Chapter 2 when I do die (offline, of course) there is no cloud save to re-load. On Attempt #1 it worked every single time. Im baffled.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 30 Apr 17 at 17:15
Dave BodomWhen you start a chapter after you go back online are you dashboarding out or are you just going back to the games main menu, going offline and hitting Resume?

I'm getting the issue where i just seem to reload an earlier save even though i keep deleting everything.
Posted by Dave Bodom on 30 Apr 17 at 18:28
NoHeroes94So I'm playing offline, going online to finish each chapter, exiting to menu and resuming offline.

If I die, I am offline. So, I immediately quit to dash, close the app, delete local save and re-enter the app online. On attempt 1 it would sync, now it isn't. It just restarts the game asking me to adjust brightness settings etc. as if I had never played the game before.

With cloud saves I could 100% do this now; I can do 1, 4 & 5 without dying, Chapters 2 & 3 are by far the hardest.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 30 Apr 17 at 21:25
Dave BodomYeah, its not remembering any save whatsoever now, it still syncs but it loads as if the game is completely new.
Posted by Dave Bodom on 30 Apr 17 at 21:47
Dave BodomFor anyone who finds it isnt registering a save game, i started a new game while online, went offline after it loaded the first chapter, and done the same steps as the achievement lists and it started registering properly.
Posted by Dave Bodom on 30 Apr 17 at 23:04
NoHeroes94@Dave Bodom

I started the game offline so I will try that!

Also after a chapter loads I might quit out and reload 2 or 3 times to be sure it's synced.

Might had 5 seconds each chapter but it's worth it to make sure it has registered.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 01 May 17 at 09:27
NoHeroes94Still doesn't work for me.

I'm going to have to just do this one legit, I think. By the end of Chapter 3 I died offline, went to reload cloud save and it took me all the way back to Chapter 1.

If I can quit to menu when I anticipate a death then perhaps it won't be so bad. There is only 3/4 spots that i feel i'll ever die on, now. Practise with this one I think.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 02 May 17 at 00:58
SiegfriedXYou might be doing somehting wrong man. First of all, since you might have messed things up, make sure to clear all your saves. Cloud and local. After that, start the game, just start and mess with stuff on the menu, don't even play. This will most likely create a local save for you. Quit the game and stay a while on the dash. After that, go offline, delete your local save only and go online and play the game. It should sync.

Now you can go: chapter 1 offline, go online, complete, quit to menu, go to dash, wait a bit for it to sync and so on.

I haven't done this on this game yet (just started it), but I have used cloud saving on multiple games and it always works, it's not something the game can control and avoid you using.
Posted by SiegfriedX on 02 May 17 at 02:33
HawkeyeBarry20This is not working for me. I've double checked all my saves are gone which it only gives me one option, no local game saves it just says internal delete all. When I try to go back online it takes me back to the middle of chapter 1. I even started a new game, went offline deleted the data and went back online and it moved me up to that same stupid spot. It acts like I have a save but unless there's somewhere else I have none.Looks like I'm going to try the legit way, can't get past chapter 2 without dying right now.
Posted by HawkeyeBarry20 on 02 May 17 at 03:14
NoHeroes94@HawkeyeBarry20 - ""I've double checked all my saves are gone which it only gives me one option, no local game saves it just says internal delete all. When I try to go back online it takes me back to the middle of chapter 1. I even started a new game, went offline deleted the data and went back online and it moved me up to that same stupid spot."""

Word for word what happened to me. Going to do this legit, The only bit I really get fucked on now is the Hook at the very end of Chapter 3 as the grabbing detection is so finicky. Ch 1, 4 & 5 are pretty easy. Probably take 2-3 attempts.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 02 May 17 at 07:46
SiegfriedXThat's really weird. I just started the game so it will take me a day or two to even check if it will work here.

From what you guys are saying it looks like those old 360 games that saved progress in your gamertag and not on a separate save file. I've never seen it happen on the One though, not even sure if it's possible.
Posted by SiegfriedX on 02 May 17 at 10:44
NoHeroes94@SiegfriedX If you can confirm the steps for a cloud save technique and list them I'm sure people would be extremely grateful

Also still have mad respect for Clad Master; one of the better contributors to TA.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 02 May 17 at 11:35
CortexiaAvoid the black sludge - check
Escape the caretaker/janitor - check
Outwit the chefs - check
Outrun the hungry customers - check
Deal with the Lady successfully - check
Walk along a pipe without slipping off -

Story of my life right there @_@
Luckily you can pause and restart the last checkpoint if like me you do tend to fall a lot from high places (it's the camera angles....honestly)
Posted by Cortexia on 02 May 17 at 11:36
Dave BodomAfter starting the chapter 1 online and going offline, the delete save method worked, finished the game but was apparently to slow.
Posted by Dave Bodom on 02 May 17 at 16:05
Dave BodomFinally got it.

Obviously i can't really test anymore but just to add to the confusing cloud save scenario;

I made it to Chapter 5 before i realised i was still online and hadn't gone offline during Chapter 4, the Geisha caught me during the small chase scene and i paused literally as the light hit me, realised i hadn't gone offline, deleted local save anyway and then reloaded (It loaded the start of chapter 5, not sure where chapter 5 checkpoints are). I died 2 more times to the Geisha this way, deleted my save each time without going offline and on the fourth try completed the game and got the achievement.

I was streaming and some friends wanted to see the ending so i stuck it out instead of restarting, quite glad now.
Posted by Dave Bodom on 02 May 17 at 21:33
NoHeroes94I just ended up doing it in one sitting, with 3/4 checkpoint restarts. I did the cloud as a backup, but I didn't need it in the end. It was my 3rd attempt and 4th play through total.

I'm still pumped with adrenaline.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 02 May 17 at 21:55
SiegfriedXJust finished the game, I'm about to try for this. I won't do the offline method at first, I'll try doing first what I usually do. Play and if a mess up (like getting a section wrong and wasting too much time or getting killed I'll quickly pull the cable and erase my local save before it can sync to the cloud.
Posted by SiegfriedX on 03 May 17 at 03:41
SiegfriedXJust did it, cloud worked as it should. I messed up only once trying to jump to that stupid chain outside the ship because of the weird camera. I quickly pulled my cable, deleted my local save (you have to do this twice) plugged back in and when I resumed the game I was were you get the 3 hams in the grinder. smile
Posted by SiegfriedX on 03 May 17 at 06:09
R3f1CuLreally pisses me off that a lot of these very enjoyable games have to do this shit ... limbo, unravel, max, ori, this ... these types of achievements literally almost turn me off playing the games tbh :/
Posted by R3f1CuL on 03 May 17 at 18:28
SiegfriedXCould be a lot worse. This game is short and mostly takes memorization and almost no luck or skill involved. Now think about Outlast 2 that's almost 3 times longer, is hard as fuck and according to people playing it has unfair AI and a lot of other unfair stuff...

Also: You can use the cloud here or even pause and load if you're fast. I completed every game you mentioned, all except Max (that if I'm not mistaken you can pause and reload before you die and it's also pretty easy) are way harder than this one.
Posted by SiegfriedX on 03 May 17 at 22:28
Moo Moo DairyI honestly feel like the hardest part about this for me would being able to walk across the damn pipe sections....

I can never tell if I'm walking where I need to be or not and end up falling
Posted by Moo Moo Dairy on 04 May 17 at 14:19
HawkeyeBarry20If anybody gets their save stuck like mine I recommend what noheroes said after you get to a new chapter go to main menu like you would, then go back into the game all online, I did this a couple times. Then go offline and play the game. This finally helped sync my game and let me do this trick. Thanks a lot noheros94 for the idea.

*Edit this only has worked once for me and then doesn't. For some reason my game rarely syncs, I get the checking for updates but only once in a while do I get the sync bar showing it's fully synced. But this really doesn't explain why if i die in episode four it takes me back to episode two since I went back online at the end of chapter 2 and 3 when I beat them.

The last time this worked my chapter one was perfect so now I just have to beat the game from 2 to the end and how that works. Better than nothing but so frustrating.
Posted by HawkeyeBarry20 on 06 May 17 at 17:04
TenrethF**K the game, F**K the developer, F**K the guy who came up with this achievement, F**K Microsoft for their removal of USB-transfer, F**K their shitty cloud.
This is the worst crap. God I hate all of those guys involved. angry

After many unsuccessfull sync-saves, this is what workes so far:
>Play offline
>>Before savepoint, go online (can be mid level!)
>>>after the save is complete, quit to main menu
>>>>quit the game completely!
>>>>>start the game again and resume (still online)
>>>>>>when you're back into the game, disconnect your console
>>>>>>>if you die, quit the game, delete the local save, go online and start the game again
Posted by Tenreth on 10 May 17 at 21:07
fredflintstonedIs it possible to simply pause the game before you die and just quit out of the game entirely?
This way, you don't have to play offline, delete your save and then restore from the cloud.
Just play online all the time and if you think you're going to die, pause it before it happens and then quit the game. Then restart the game and load up. You just have to be quick on the pause and make sure that save icon doesn't show up. If it does, then you saved too late and you have to restart from the beginning.

It seems to me the pause-before-you-die method would be less of a hassle but more of a risk.
Posted by fredflintstoned on 15 May 17 at 19:07
Abysmvl^^I was having trouble with the cloud save part, but what Tenreth posted is what got the cloud save to sync up properly for me.

This achievement wouldn't be so bad to do legit if they gave you 3 deaths (or even 2) like Limbo does.
Posted by Abysmvl on 10 Jun 17 at 06:37
NeatPlainyi can't do chapter 3 or chapter 4 without dying cry
Posted by NeatPlainy on 02 Jul 17 at 23:45
RVMThumbs up, the video helped a ton! I'd also like to add as a tip for others that are going for this achievement to max out your brightness settings. It helps tremendously so you don't get stuck on something while running or get caught by something you didn't see.

Additionally, I found a huge time saver in chapter 3 that wasn't in the video. At the 40:28 mark when you are in the kitchen and heading back through after pulling the lever to move the hooks, instead of dropping down, jump onto the table where that pillar of plates is. You can actually climb those and grab a hook here instead of going all the way back to the beginning. It saves probably 30-45 seconds.

Screenshot of where I mean:
Posted by RVM on 22 Aug 17 at 13:29
SuperDarkConkerI not understand this question and how to get the cloud save on xbox one? Please, help me for this. :)
Posted by SuperDarkConker on 01 Nov 17 at 00:47
JoociferI was so worried when I beat the game and after the credits the achievement didn't pop. thankfully it popped during the opening cutscene when I started a new game. smile
Posted by Joocifer on 29 Dec 17 at 16:54
Mr HeathcliffWeird, same as Joocifer mine didn't pop until i started a new game. Thanks for the guides and tips
Posted by Mr Heathcliff on 29 Dec 17 at 22:15
FotusKnightOh God I finished my 9th playthrough in roughly 60 minutes and 20 seconds without load times. No cheating like most of you. Now I'm just sitting and waiting the end of the credits.... God I hope I got it... I hope that last section when she goes up the stairs and Nomes look at Six doesn't count as a time. Because if it counts... I will have a heart attack. And if it doesn't pop when I start a new game I'M GONNA FLIP OUT.
Posted by FotusKnight on 30 Apr 18 at 13:32

SERIOUSLY WHY DOES THIS ACHIEVEMENT EXIST??? I didn't even die once, I didn't even use a restart function, I spent half a day trying to beat it over and over and I still didn't get a damn achievement! It's acceptable not to die but to do it in 1 HOUR????? Come on... And why does that last section where she moves sooooo slowly count???? If not for that STUPID ENDING I would have gotten it. Right after Six eats a Lady I could simply win I had 2 minutes left! But that super slooooow walk ruined it... Just for a few seconds. Come on... They gotta fix dat achievement. I hate it.
Posted by FotusKnight on 30 Apr 18 at 13:45
J ROLLER 1979I have just started the game, but how do you know when you have finished a chapter and does it need to be in 1 sitting?
Posted by J ROLLER 1979 on 29 May 18 at 19:41
J ROLLER 1979A reply would of been nice I can't stand rude OP's
Posted by J ROLLER 1979 on 10 Jun 18 at 00:44
cathair9292Ok I am getting seriously pissed because I followed your guide and made it to chapter 4 without dying three times now but one I die and load it back up I’m back at the beginning of chapter 2 I played chapter 1 online switching to offline for chapter 2 at the end of each chapter I turn it online finish the chapter go a little bit into the next chapter go to the little nightmares menu go offline and continue playing so am I doing it wrong or has it been patched
Posted by cathair9292 on 11 Aug 18 at 20:41
OptimalShadezWhen exactly does this achievement pop? Is it before or after the end credits?

Also, do the End Credits count towards the timer?

Because I finally managed to do a no death run and I was confident I managed to beat the game in less than an hour. Or so I thought, but no achievement popped.

Lastly, do you need to start a New Game to do the Hard to the Core achievement? Or can you start it from chapter one from chapter select?
Posted by OptimalShadez on 18 Sep 18 at 23:29
ImiltheWingedJust finished this achievement. Didn't pop until way after. I watched the credits and even started a new game for the opening cinematic. Popped maybe within 3 minutes after quitting the game and going to dashboard.
Posted by ImiltheWinged on 10 Mar 19 at 08:25
Valiant PhoenixThis MUST be done in a fresh New Game. Chapter Select will NOT work.
Posted by Valiant Phoenix on 15 Aug 19 at 14:47
The SCHWARTZ 00This achievement is pure fucking trash. 0/5 game just for this.

EDIT: Just got the achievement. I used a couple of speedrun videos for some nice shortcuts, and abused the cloud save workaround. Hardest section by far was Chapter 3. Everything else was not too bad. Achievement popped right as Six was walking up the long staircase into the light at the end.

Also, I did not have to go offline at all. You can stay online the whole run. If you die, just pause the game as you die, hit the home button on your controller, highlight Little Nightmares, hit the Start button, go to Manage Game & Add-Ons, scroll down to Save Data, highlight the save with your GT on it, hit Start again, click Delete Saved Data, and click Delete From CONSOLE. Sounds like a lot but it's not.
Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 20 Apr at 18:55
SoulyDconteThe SCHWARTZ 00 is correct. just figured this out myself. you don't have to go offline at all. you don't even have to make your save at the start of the chapter. you can literally get a back up on your cloud anywhere that you see the save logo.

go in the menu and back to make sure it's safe. play your game and if you die immediately go and delete the saved data without closing the game. all of this without going offline. death and time will not count
Posted by SoulyDconte on 22 May at 16:44