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Highly Sprung

You'd jump even higher if you knew what slept there!

Highly Sprung+0.2
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01 May 2017
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To get this achievement jump a few times on any bed in the game.
The first one on chapter 1 comes pretty fast.

Video below where to find it can't miss it.

EverStoned77Downvoted??? facepalm eh,why? oh I know it wasn't explained which button you use to jump & even worse how the fudge did you find that bed (the bed you HAVE to use to get further in the game) just in case this isn't obvious to some I'm OF COURSE being ironic... I mean this is the 1st thing you do in the game & really should be a no brainer but being a secret,missable & vaguely described achievement, these guys took the time to make a helpful guide that even have a video attached & you feel that deserves a downvote? roll
If there were a problem with it in any way then sure but if you just prefer the other solutions or simply don't like the author, then just don't vote...there's a good rule in life,can't say anything positive then shut the FUDGE up warning
Posted by EverStoned77 on 26 Nov 17 at 00:28
Mr RodsterMaybe it was downvoted because it was the fourth solution on an achievement that barely needed one?
Posted by Mr Rodster on 02 Feb 19 at 22:43