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Long-term commitment

Complete at least 1 Weekly Challenge each week for a month

Long-term commitment+0.4
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Shadow 00 FoxShadow 00 Fox605,103
07 May 2017 30 Apr 2018
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4-30-2018 -- UPDATE: this achievement has been extremely glitchy for many people, including myself. A new method to get this may have been confirmed just recently however!
You can see Odin's solution for the method, and the short version is to delete your local console save after doing a week's challenge and exiting the game so it will synchronize fresh next time.


Personally this took me 12 weeks to unlock. I had many times where my save data wouldn't appear correctly.

You need 4 weeks in a row of doing a weekly challenge each week. What exactly counts as a 'month' isn't clear, but it appears to be 4 weeks in a row, not a specific month.

Weekly challenges refresh at 7PM PST Saturday, 10PM EST Saturday, or 6AM Sunday GMT.
(That might be one hour later depending on where you live and what Daylight Savings Time is currently)
SaberFusion1I just unlocked this after 2 weeks of weekly challenges, by unlocking a daily challenge. So seems it can unlock at any point during 5 week period. For the first 2 weeks i did every daily challenge and weekly challenges.
Posted by SaberFusion1 on 14 May 17 at 12:29
mastergamer015Wow am I glad this is bugged. Just unlocked this at 3 weeks. After completing 50% of a daily challenge.
Posted by mastergamer015 on 21 May 17 at 15:16
FrustratedNerdWhen do these reset?
Posted by FrustratedNerd on 29 May 17 at 18:17
Shadow 00 FoxI don't believe it resets; it just goes by 4 weeks? That's my understanding, which could well be wrong because we don't have enough information and it can be so glitchy. :-/
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 30 May 17 at 05:07
FrustratedNerdI meant when the challenges reset.
Posted by FrustratedNerd on 01 Jun 17 at 11:41
Shadow 00 FoxOh, lol oops. Let me add that info, I put that all in for the daily one but not this one! redface
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 01 Jun 17 at 16:51
Shadow 00 FoxFor you, it should be 9 or 10PM on Saturday.
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 01 Jun 17 at 16:56
Drome17Unlocked for me on week 4 after getting 1/9 in a weekly challenge
Posted by Drome17 on 22 Jun 17 at 20:15
Melman V2Just done my 5th week in a row still hasn't popped
Posted by Melman V2 on 28 Aug 17 at 20:44
AnubisTheDeathDid the 5th week, still nothing.
Posted by AnubisTheDeath on 04 Sep 17 at 20:27
Shadow 00 FoxThis definitely appears to be glitchy still. Can you two please update if you do unlock it?
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 05 Sep 17 at 07:10
AnubisTheDeathWill do. Maybe the 6th week will unlock it for me.
Posted by AnubisTheDeath on 09 Sep 17 at 03:50
AnubisTheDeathWelp, 6th week and still nothing. Will continue on for this month anyway, maybe my luck will improve.
Posted by AnubisTheDeath on 15 Sep 17 at 04:12
Shadow 00 FoxThat's just dumb. I feel you completely too, because I had 12 weeks of pain for this... but it seems like there's something broken with yours?
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 15 Sep 17 at 05:00
AnubisTheDeathYeah, both this achievement and the A Lot Extra achievement are bugged for me, completed all bonus objectives, tracker is stuck at 94%.
Posted by AnubisTheDeath on 16 Sep 17 at 04:35
AnubisTheDeathAfter completing a weekly challenge today, I finally got this achievement!
It came a bit earlier than expected too since it was the third weekly challenge I did for the month of September.
Posted by AnubisTheDeath on 24 Sep 17 at 22:45
Fireal20Just finished week 8 in a row and it hasn't popped. No idea what I'm doing wrong. Every week I have knocked out a weekly challenge within an hour or two of them resetting at 10pm CST on Saturday.
Posted by Fireal20 on 08 Oct 17 at 04:26
The 7th ODSTWell it's been 6 weeks for me now and still nothing, broken achievements are such a joke. Anyone have any suggestions of how to get this?
Posted by The 7th ODST on 26 Nov 17 at 16:34
Shadow 00 FoxI'm starting to wonder if it's actually doing all 3 weekly challenges? I know some weeks i did all three.... dumb glitches
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 26 Nov 17 at 18:36
Teh Halo GuyJust finished week 6 with no luck, although I keep dcing at the end of matches...
Posted by Teh Halo Guy on 03 Dec 17 at 19:27
BLOWFISH666The achievement is still bugged and is causing a lot of people problems. I've just spent 14 weeks in a row trying to get this and it still hasn't unlocked. I'm going to try breaking the streak and starting again from week 1 as breaking the streak worked for me when Short term commitment glitched and wouldn't unlock.
Posted by BLOWFISH666 on 05 Dec 17 at 20:48
Teh Halo GuyFinally got this to go on week 8. Looking back, I dced at the end of the last match in week 4 -- it showed weekly challenge complete, but did NOT award a pack or extra experience. If you dont get these rewards, play one more game that week (I didnt) and you should get them (had same issue week 6 and this worked). 4 weeks after that little issue, it popped fine.
Posted by Teh Halo Guy on 18 Dec 17 at 08:22
Shadow 00 FoxHmmm! That could be important! Making sure you actually get the match rewards... just might be another piece of the puzzle!
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 18 Dec 17 at 19:18
x SNAKE5 xI completed at least one weekly challenge for 4 consecutive weeks and the achievement unlocked as soon as I completed the last challenge I needed (yesterday). So hopefully the cheevo is much more reliable now as I didn't have to wait and do anything in week 5.

I tested it a little extra by completing on week's challenge on the PC rather than Xbox and this had no ill effect.
Posted by x SNAKE5 x on 08 Jan 18 at 16:08
BLOWFISH666I started a new streak and i've just done my 5th week in a row of doing at least one weekly challenge each week and it still won't unlock. Other than trying to play it on PC i can't think of anything different i can try. This achievement seems to be random luck that it unlocks for some people but not others.
Posted by BLOWFISH666 on 16 Jan 18 at 11:37
Shadow 00 FoxBlowfish, are you getting the match rewards every time also?
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 16 Jan 18 at 19:14
SkormsGhostI wonder if completing the weekly challenge in a skirmish instead of online matches is what is causing this issue?
Posted by SkormsGhost on 16 Jan 18 at 22:59
Shadow 00 FoxPeople who are going for this achievement still, and haven't gotten it yet, can you please write down some extra information?
1. Time of day/time zone when you do the match(es)
2. Which game mode/match you do it in
3. How many players, AI, etc in the match(es)
4. Whether you have any disconnections or don't get any of the rewards
5. Anything else... is your xbox on instant on(I had a huge problem doing NFS The Run because my xbox was deleting my progress because it was set to instant on)
6. Anything else you can think of that might be helpful?

I would love to have people recording this info, then have someone unlock it and compare notes and see if we can find anything in common!!! dance
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 17 Jan 18 at 04:32
BLOWFISH666Thanks guys. So for the record this is how it has been for me:

1. I'm from the UK & the time the weekly challenge resets is on a Sunday morning. I'll then do at least one of the weekly challenges all in one session on Sunday afternoon. Throughout the rest of the week i'll finish off the other two weekly challenges at various times during the day time.
2. I've mainly been playing 3vs3 Blitz mode although sometimes i'll play vs a.i. or 1vs1 Blitz. I've done full sessions of just playing each of those modes as well as mixing them.
3. The amount of players in a game varies from 2-6.
4. Many months ago Blitz mode would sometimes randomly disconnect with a 'syncing error' message but that was rare. I've gone months in a row playing the game doing a challenge every week without any errors & in my latest run of 5 weeks in a row there have been zero disconnects. I have also always got the card pack rewards when i was supposed to.
5. I've never ever used Xbox instant on & always turn my Xbox off completely. It was also suggested to me once the console is switched off that i also pull the power cable to fully discharge the console. But like i thought doing that made no difference.
6. I also had great problems getting the achievement for doing a daily challenge every day for 7 days in a row. I tried for 40 days & it wouldn't unlock. I took a break for a day & then randomly on the 10th day of my new run it unlocked?! headspin
Posted by BLOWFISH666 on 18 Jan 18 at 23:45
Shadow 00 FoxWow, just the sort of info I was looking for, and unfortunately, that doesn't make anything clear yet...
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 19 Jan 18 at 02:39
BLOWFISH666Just tried again for the 6th week in a row and it still won't unlock. Between this run and my previous run i've tried for a total of !!!20!!! weeks now.
Posted by BLOWFISH666 on 22 Jan 18 at 06:38
Chief0fZombiesAnyone have any luck with this?? Should you skip a week for it to actually work? I've done 1 for 5 weeks now. Completed one last night as the last week of Jan.
Posted by Chief0fZombies on 29 Jan 18 at 19:43
BLOWFISH666So for the record there's no guarantee that skipping a week helps, it's just with the short term commitment achievement i'd tried for 40 days without any luck & only after i skipped a day did it then pop after 10 days. We still don't know enough about this glitch to know whether starting the streak again helps. After 21 weeks of trying i'm more inclined to believe once the glitch has randomly been triggered it's just dumb luck if it unlocks or not.
Posted by BLOWFISH666 on 30 Jan 18 at 15:28
Shadow 00 FoxI just got a weird idea. It does say complete 1 weekly challenge each week for a month. What does it mean by month? Does it have to be a specific month or month where you can get it on a specific day of the weeK? I'm going to check who's won it recently now and see if that makes any sense.

Just checked, my idea doesn't make any sense because people have been unlocking it steadily every day almost for the last month.
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 30 Jan 18 at 20:48
JellyfisshOk. I am going for this achievement. It is my second run already. Just got my 4th weekly and it did not pop! So I will do the 5th week method and I will edit this if it works.

1. I live in Argentina (GMT -3). I play in different hours during the day
2. Blitz and skirmish. I play blitz firegiht and skirmish against AI for most of the weekly challenges
3. When I play skirmish I play myself vs 1 or 2 AI
4. No disconnections!
5. Xbox is on energy saving mode
6. I realized that if you finish too early a game the match finishes but you dont get the "match as counted". For example you can finish a blitz firefight in undera minute if you rush your units to death. Also in skirmish you can set fog of war off,9999 resources and after party so you can finish a game in under 3 minutes. This "glitch" happened to me every time I try to speedrun the match. I don't know if this affects the run, but instead of completing 9 games as X leader, you will have to do some more.

Btw if I am not successful in this run, I will try my 3rd run only playing online to see what happens. Hope this helps anyone out there.
Posted by Jellyfissh on 06 Feb 18 at 04:02
Shadow 00 FoxYes, just a note-- they early on patched the game so you couldn't get a win in less than a minute and a half.. I think that was the first patch threshold, it might be longer now?
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 06 Feb 18 at 05:43
Yes, just a note-- they early on patched the game so you couldn't get a win in less than a minute and a half.. I think that was the first patch threshold, it might be longer now?
Maybe I got confused with the time I had written above but I remember that once I complete a match in 00:58 but I don't remember the gamemode facepalm
Posted by Jellyfissh on 06 Feb 18 at 16:32
Super VegitoMy achievement progress isn't going up at all, should stop for now til they fix it or I should keep going??
Posted by Super Vegito#805 on 08 Feb 18 at 01:00
Shadow 00 FoxI seem to remember that it doesn't show achievement progress for this?
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 08 Feb 18 at 07:04
Chief0fZombiesCan anyone confirm if re installing the game completely after it updates can help unlock the achievement. Noticed it on here the TA suggested it.
Posted by Chief0fZombies on 27 Feb 18 at 02:34
KiloOscarZuluI've been doing all the Weekly Challenges for the past 3 weeks. Today's weekly reset was the start of the 4th week. I completed a Weekly Challenge (play 9 time as Cutter) but the achievement did not pop.
Posted by KiloOscarZulu on 11 Mar 18 at 13:17
BLOWFISH66627 weeks of trying to get this achievement and it still won't unlock. You've got to laugh at how broken this game is.
Posted by BLOWFISH666 on 22 Mar 18 at 13:49
QuinnGTLmine unlocked right as i completed the 4th week in a row. :)
Posted by QuinnGTL on 08 Apr 18 at 20:21
Shadow 00 FoxWow....! I heard something about an update recently? Does anyone have an update about it? Did... something get fixed??
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 08 Apr 18 at 22:30
Super VegitoMine also popped on the 4th week :)
Posted by Super Vegito#805 on 08 Apr 18 at 23:43
BLOWFISH66631 weeks of trying and it still won't unlock. Joke of a game.
Posted by BLOWFISH666 on 16 Apr 18 at 07:16
Shadow 00 FoxThat's absolutely ridiculous... angry
Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 17 Apr 18 at 05:11
OdinAsteroidHey everyone, I've added a new solution to this achievement. If your game doesn't load correctly, your progress is reset etc.. try it out.
Posted by OdinAsteroid on 17 Apr 18 at 11:05
Dragonborn GearI certainly hope it won't take me 31 weeks. I just passed week 5 to no avail. The daily for a week achievement took me 12 days.
Edit: I just earned this achievement after my sixth week.
Posted by Dragonborn Gear on 29 Apr 18 at 12:40
BLOWFISH666After 32 weeks of trying without success i used OdinAsteroid's method & the achievement finally popped today!!!!!!!!!!

This could be a fluke but considering i've also had issues with the game randomly deleting saved data & forgetting which dlc packs i own i'm more inclined to believe that deleting your local saved data before you boot up the game and redownloading it from the servers fixes the problem, thanks for posting this work around OdinAsteroid.

Shadow 00 Fox i'd highly recommend updating your solution to include this information as a possible fix, it will be interesting to see over the coming weeks if this is in fact the problem.
Posted by BLOWFISH666 on 30 Apr 18 at 14:23
ShaneanigensCan confirm it works, after noticing my save would not load correctly and other issues, tried the delete save data method and voila, week 4 had the achievement popped. GENIUS! And also, what the crap 343i, fix yo shit!
Posted by Shaneanigens on 13 May 18 at 18:34