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Hard to the Core

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Hard to the Core+3.3
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08 May 2017
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This achievement is rewarded for completing the game in under 1 hour without dying. There are two distinct ways I will be explaining this achievement:

1 - The Legit Way
I would recommend completing the game at least 2 times in full before attempting this achievement. You must memorize every sequence and the order of the rooms in order to get your time down enough. Obviously, do everything you can to save time. Make sure you sprint when possible, and try to avoid unecessary sections when possible. There is room for errors but not a lot.

- Loading times do not count
- Pausing and restarting a checkpoint does NOT count as a death. Use this to your advantage for tricky platforming sections to save yourself from a fall or if you think you are about the get caught. It will add time to your run but will save you from a death.
- I would recommend completing the game even if you die to make sure there are no other sections that will give you issues. If you die multiple times on the same section, practice using chapter select before attempting it again. I would also recommend doing the whole game in one sitting without pausing for a break. You will ruin your flow and are more likely to make a mistake otherwise.
- Just keep practicing and trying. This achievement isn't as hard as it may seem. After 3-5 playthroughs, you should be easily able to complete the game within an hour and just need to make sure that you don't die.

2 - The Offline "Cheese" Method

I personally did not use this method, but some gamers may find this solution more suitable for their skill level. It involves using cloud save data and playing offline. It will allow you to play the game one chapter at a time and "save" your progress if you're happy with your run. It will require you to have the license of the game, so keep that in mind if you gameshare.

This strategy goes as follows:
- Disconnect from internet
- Start "New Game"
- Complete a chapter while offline and stop right before it ends.
- Connect to the internet if you are happy with your performance and complete the chapter to "lock-in" that run.
- Quit Little Nightmares
- Repeat the process for every chapter individually making sure you connect and complete the chapter if you are happy with it.
- If you die, dashboard out of the game and connect to the internet. Load the game and "load cloud save".
- Repeat the steps until you beat the game.

This will allow you an infinite amount of attempts at each chapter, but will still require you to complete the game in under an hour and without dying.
bennjjeeYESSS! Finally did this! Thanks for the awesome video of your run. Helped me a bundle!
Posted by bennjjee on 14 May 17 at 20:21
allkoreVery helpful sir. Thank you.
Posted by allkore on 20 Sep 17 at 16:07
SuperDarkConkerI finish offline and start new game, I was completing chapter 1 while offline and stop at chapter 2, then i connect to the internet. What next is complete the chapter to lock in that run does that is resume game while offline or online? I did quit little nightmares. What does that mean is repeat the process for every chapter individually make sure i connect and complete the chapter 2-5 while online, right?
Posted by SuperDarkConker on 31 Oct 17 at 01:10
J ROLLER 1979How do you know when your at the end of a chapter as it does not tell you?
Posted by J ROLLER 1979 on 29 May 18 at 00:42
J ROLLER 1979A reply would of been nice I can't stand rude op's
Posted by J ROLLER 1979 on 10 Jun 18 at 00:45
KanadianKevinfollow the collectibles guide or something and watch the last minute or so of the video. find the last possible moment that the player is still on screen (hasn't faded to black) and make sure there's no enemies or anything to worry about.
when you get to the same area you're good to go.
Posted by KanadianKevin on 23 Jul 18 at 01:33
Mister BudsWhere each chapter ends:

Chapter 1: The Prison
After the second eye/light section there's a wooden bridge that pulls apart.

Chapter 2: The Lair
Right after you break the cage causing the door to drop on the Janitor's arms.

Chapter 3: The Kitchen
You'll ride a meat hook conveyor, drop off into a sink of dirty dishes, sprint away from the pursuing chefs, and grab on to the meat hook line again.

Chapter 4: The Guest Area
After the encounter with the final Nome; before you get on the elevator.

Chapter 5: The Lady's Quarters
A long leisurely stroll down the final hallway and up a large flight of stairs.
Posted by Mister Buds on 21 Nov 18 at 05:06
VinnieMac"I personally did not use this method, but some gamers may find this solution more suitable for their skill level"

Elitist much? Most deaths in this game do not come from "skill level" but from touchy mechanics. Ive walked off more ledges i didnt realize i was close the edge than i can count. Having done the less than 5 death run on Limbo twice now, I had pretty good grip on how to tackle this achievement. After multiple attempts, you get tired, you make small mistakes, and this game punishes you. Cheesing it offline doesnt take away from the skill required to perfect each level. it just gives you the piece of mind of having each one taken care of for good and not needing to sink more time in this game starting from the beginning when there are plenty more games out there begging for your attention. Pointing out that YOU didnt need this method but other people may want to if they arent as good as you is a pitiful attempt to flash some self appointed importance for obtaining a digital "achievement" in a way YOU see as better. That attitude and the mono tone deliverance is exactly why I ignore your walkthroughs on youtube.

After giving it a handful of attempts, i chose to play each level offline and made it through without dying on my first attempt (unfortunately i think i may have been just over the time tho). So the piece of mind alone reduces the stress of needing to be perfect and allows you to relax and just play the game.

EDIT - that offline run was my last attempt and when it didnt pop i deleted the game. as i was walking downstairs i heard the sound of a rare achievement popping. So, it does work. all my online/offline bouncing may have lagged the syncing of the achievement or something
Posted by VinnieMac on 08 May 19 at 07:37