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Doctor Fate-Ality

Perform 3 background bounces on the Empire Theatre background

Doctor Fate-Ality0
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16 May 2017 16 May 2017
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The Dr. Fate-Ality Achievement/Trophy is very simple to get and can be done in both "Versus" or "Single-Fight" depending on if you have a spare controller handy.

Choose your mode and characters then select the level "Gotham City" Empire Theatre". Once you load into the level use either RB (XB1) or R1 (PS4) to kick the enemy into the Theatre 3 times and the this will unlock.

Here is a simple video guide if this helps you better then a written guide.

Posted by daltonfernandes on 24 Aug 20 at 18:25
BaltousPrimeYou can also unlock it in Story Mode. Don't remember the exact fight it was in (it was one of the ones where you use Flash, I think it was either against Reverse Flash or GL. Though it was more likely Reverse Flash who caught the
Posted by BaltousPrime on 18 Jan at 03:58