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Killer Croc

Have the final hit come from the crocodile in Slaughter Swamp

Killer Croc+0.2
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16 May 2017 17 May 2017
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This Achievement/Trophy can be earned easiest through "Private Match", "Single-Fight" & "Versus".

You will want to select either "Swamp Thing" or "Cyborg" due to weaker characters will be to weak to pick the crocodile up. Weaken your enemy until they are about to be defeated then bring them over to the hanging crocodile and if you defeat them with the intractable object, you will unlock "Killer Croc".

Here is a video guide incase you prefer them over written ones.
OffhandApollo42You can earn it in any mode as long as you don't turn off Interactibles in settings.
Posted by OffhandApollo42 on 17 May 17 at 20:34
xTGEI know, I'm just listing the easiest modes...
Posted by xTGE on 17 May 17 at 23:27
neeker75Possible with two controllers?
Posted by neeker75 on 05 Jun 17 at 07:35
BATZMANZSeems to not work anymore.
Posted by BATZMANZ on 13 Jun 17 at 16:08
Ariana VentiWait superman, black Atom, gorilla grodd etc aren't strong enough to lift the gator up?? Haha this makes no sense!
Posted by Ariana Venti on 18 Jun 17 at 05:20
RicKuRuKuSDon't get it, did it multiple times and no achievement, lame
Posted by RicKuRuKuS on 11 Dec 17 at 21:32
NiceScissorsStill works I got itcompute
Posted by NiceScissors on 24 May 20 at 01:43
NICKYG2X3has to be the second round or final very final hit for the win
Posted by NICKYG2X3 on 10 Jan at 06:35
rocking23nftakes less 2 minutes, easy, used a guest account.
Posted by rocking23nf on 16 Jan at 21:30