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Game Completed - Master

Complete the entire game on the Master Difficulty setting.

Game Completed - Master0
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02 Feb 2009
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Just complete all 13 Master dufficult levels to get this achievement. Don't matter if you have not complete 100% on each level
JLogan27I don't understand why I do not have this achievement. I have the achievements for each level 100%.
Posted by JLogan27 on 14 Oct 09 at 17:01
Richtoonwerid :/ I got this achievement when I completed all master levels and I didn't get 100% on some levels.
Posted by Richtoon on 15 Oct 09 at 19:32
CabishopI seem to have the same problem have all the master at 100% but not this achievement :(
Posted by Cabishop on 30 Mar 10 at 19:39
thetof91Will you get the both the 100% for just 100% and the 100% on dragon master when you do it on dragon master after? :)
Posted by thetof91 on 08 Apr 10 at 19:13
RichtoonNo, U will need to play both Master and Dragon Master
Posted by Richtoon on 08 Apr 10 at 23:13