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Have the city survive a crime rate of over 40% for 2 years

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22 May 2017 11 Jun 2017
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I found the following solution for the Steam version. I take no credit for this and am simply posting it here to make it easier for Xbox users to find it.

There should be no changes between that and the Xbox version but if you're a Steam user be sure to give the original author a thumbs up:

To get this achievement, you simply need to create a new city that looks somewhat similar to the screenshot of my city below.

It should be noted that the above screenshot is how your final city will look , to begin with build just the bottom TWO roads of Residential, and only ONE road of Industrial, the Commerical zone is a constant size from the start of the new city and can be copied exactly as it is in the screenshot above.

Make sure NOT to build any of the following - Schools, Parks and obviously Police Stations.

You may however build a Garbage dump and a couple of cemetaries, it is also advisable to build at least 1 (or if you prefer 2) Fire Station(s) in your Industrial zone, as this zone is the most liable zone to catch fire.

Now open the crime section from the options in the top left hand corner (7th one down on the left hand side) and accelerate time to 3x speed. After a few minutes you will see the crime rate rise to above 40% (which is what is required for this achievement).

Your city should now looks something like this -

Now to maintain the crime rate for 2 years and to get the achievement , you simply need to monitor your overall crime rate in the top left of your screen.

I would advise at this point (or when you have the money to) to build at least 2 additional road of Residential above your existing one (as I have in the first screenshot, and also 1 additional road of Industrial).

The reason for this is-

Once your crime gets too high people will start abandoning their houses ( a few abandoned buildings is not a worry but you do not want your whole town to end up this way) - to combat this all you need to do is the following- Once crime reaches 55% simply zone a LITTLE more residential ( do NOT zone the whole street), you simply want to zone enough to drop the crime rate down to around 45-48% (although anything up to 50% is still ok)

If you noticed your crime is dropping dangerously close to 40%, simply DEZONE a TINY amount of the "happy" buildings (the ones with no burglar symbol above them and preferably the light blue ones) from either Residential or Industrial (never Commercial) - this will now increase your crime rate again, like the previous step do this until the crime rate is around 45-48% again.

Maintain the above 2 steps for 2 years of game time (zoning/dezoning as neccessary) and the achievement will be yours (as can be faintly seen in the bottom right hand corner of this final screenshot).
TheRealJustSeanCan't seem to get this to pop for me.

It's been more than four years in-game time, and nothing. My crime rate is pretty solidly between 50-60%, yet nothing.
Posted by TheRealJustSean on 29 Oct 17 at 15:56
The NerevarineYou have a very good solution, but alternatively, I found it quite easy to simply take a successful city of 200k population (you'll need about $3m to handle the deficits) and simply delete all the prisons and police departments and put funding for police, education and parks to 50%. I literally AFKed the two years while watching Netflix after realizing Auto-Save was crashing the game with a city that large.

I used the Info Views -> Crime section to track the crime rate and kept it on the screen the whole time.

My crime rate during those two years fluctuated between 50-60%. Achievement popped exactly on the two-year anniversary of hitting 40% crime rate, as it never dipped any lower afterwards.
Posted by The Nerevarine on 31 Oct 17 at 22:10
Psycho SentinalBeen atleast 3+ years since I have had crime rate above 40% and no achievement
Posted by Psycho Sentinal on 02 Nov 17 at 22:01
RazorBurrn1For those having trouble with this, it must be 2 consecutive years, as with the other time based achievements if you exit the timer will reset.
Posted by RazorBurrn1 on 19 Mar at 10:16
Ex6Thanks from 2020... this still works... I built similar layout, more houses and more industry, never had to delete anything else than abandoned building... when there was demand for houses, zoned bit more, when demand for industry rose, zoned that bit more.
Posted by Ex6 on 29 Mar at 12:51
brayargWorked perfectly so +1 on a side note it's a right bloody micro management effort
Posted by brayarg on 05 Sep at 16:59