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Frag Out

5 with one fragmentation grenade.

Frag Out0
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25 Aug 2010 20 Jul 2013
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Faster to do when you escape from the bank - the part, when you join up with Lynch and wait for the getaway car.
You will see many cop cars outside and in about 5 seconds after you approach the bank entrance 4 cops will happily run and stay in perfect line in front of the bank door with the 5th one sitting by the car (5 cops in line). Now just throw the grenade in the middle - boom, easy money. It could take a few tries, since grenades bounce very randomly.

For additional details watch this:

Video by Reabo (thank you)
MightyMangoWay better then the church method. The church method, Shelly keeps throwing nades killing your targets. The bank level works perfect as the 4 guys stand next to 4 or 5 other people. Got it on the first try after spending over an hour on the church level.
Posted by MightyMango on 27 Feb 11 at 22:14
Dingo SaladThumbs up from me, screw the church.
Posted by Dingo Salad on 18 May 11 at 03:41
Bigjimboski80Works great!
Posted by Bigjimboski80 on 20 May 11 at 06:39
Barad 007this works way better than the church or the subway, THANK YOU !
Posted by Barad 007 on 13 Jul 11 at 13:52

for me it worked better to just roll the grenade by just tapping RB.
Posted by Kamtrocity on 28 Apr 12 at 03:14
NICKYG2X3yea right nice guide. what level. ahum
Posted by NICKYG2X3 on 19 Sep 12 at 04:42
a holy chainsawthe only level where you rob a bank, genius...great guide
Posted by a holy chainsaw on 30 Apr 13 at 21:45
Mobius EvalonGrenade physics on this game are fuckin' atrocious.
Posted by Mobius Evalon on 20 Jun 13 at 21:14
matdanWhere did you get the grenades?
Posted by matdan on 09 Oct 13 at 12:55
matdanOk so this guide does not really explain it well but to the right of the foyer is a black bag near the planter in the center. Pressing A will pick up the frags hold for 3 and throw into the centre.
Posted by matdan on 09 Oct 13 at 15:41

From where that video starts; there's a bag of grenades in front of you.
Posted on 30 Aug 15 at 06:35