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Insane Wang

Complete the game on No Pain No Gain difficulty

Insane Wang-0.2
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01 Jun 2017
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For those of you who are wondering:

- Yes, this can be done on New Game Plus mode
- Yes, you can lower the difficulty to "Insanity 1" at any given time
- Yes, you can set the co-op base difficulty to "2 Players Difficulty" when playing co-op
- Yes, you can complete this difficulty solo, in co-op or by combining both solo and co-op, as long as you always host and continue your own game

- No, you cannot obtain this achievement by joining someone else's co-op game
- No, joining a co-op session on any difficulty does not change your story progress or void the achievement in your own run
RatpoizenAwesome thanks for clearing this up! I've just finished this on "normal" difficulty, do you recommend doing another run on hard to get more experience, or go straight to the hardest difficulty? (Playing solo).
Posted by Ratpoizen on 02 Jun 17 at 17:36
CoreScanWell, the question is why do you wanna do it solo when co-op is so much more fun. Also, you get much more XP when playing co-op. If you really wanna do the Insane run solo, you can always take a break if it gets too tough and join a few co-op sessions to get some additional levels, skill points and upgrades, which carry over to your own game.
Posted by CoreScan on 03 Jun 17 at 10:31
ProfessorPlutoSo is this host only then if playing in coop?
Posted by ProfessorPluto on 31 Oct 17 at 11:17
Bully of Smeg☝🏻This! Can anyone confirm if this is a host only achievement or if I’ve played the whole game with the same partner, albeit in his game, will I get the achievement?
Posted by Bully of Smeg on 29 Apr at 18:56
ProfessorPlutoI have it now, pretty sure it was host only
Posted by ProfessorPluto on 29 Apr at 21:07