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Mafia II

Mafia II

Mafia II
End of the Rainbow

Settle the score with the Irish once and for all.

End of the Rainbow0
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Ashen SeraphAshen Seraph806,813
26 Aug 2010 31 Aug 2010
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This achievement is for completing a side object near the end of Chapter 11.

Events during this chapter will eventually lead to you making an assualt on a bar being used as an HQ by the Irish. Clear out the bar and grab all the weapons the enemies dropped, MOST IMPORTANTLY the grease gun from the guy in the back hallway leading to the next objective marker. You may also want to make sure and take the money from the register since you have none at this point.

When you've grabbed everything, pull out your grease gun, then walk out the back door that's marked. You'll see a guy get into a car and try to take off really fast. Quickly spray the driver window with your gun. Hopefully this will kill him, bringing that car to a halt and giving you this achievement.

If you aren't fast enough at shooting at him or if for some reason he lives through the barage, you can still kill him, but you must quickly get into a car and chase him down. This will likely be very difficult however as the police are highly likely to get involved. If he gets away during this chase, you loose your chance at the achievement and the chapter continues. At this point you can still pause and choose Restart Mission to begin the bar assualt again.
Boost17The grease gun is definitely the key here. I managed to hit him enough times with it that the actual car exploded, killing him instantly. *grin*
Posted by Boost17 on 29 Aug 10 at 20:24
wvu76Yeah, I was going to comment the same thing as Boost17. The car blew up before it could leave the parking lot after I unloaded on it with the grease gun. Great advice from all involved.
Posted by wvu76 on 30 Aug 10 at 23:22
EliteAssassin13Just wanted to add to your guide. Instead of going out through the back door, go out the front door. Then, run to the right. He drives directly towards you. Then he will stop for a couple seconds in the middle of the road. You can be there waiting and light his ass up, Godfather style. Then dont forget to pilfer $500 off of his corpse before taking off!
Posted by EliteAssassin13 on 22 Jun 15 at 06:18
Owen H BrownWell I got lucky, Joe and the cops forced him out of the car before he was 50m from the bar, I simply ran him over thinking it was a necessary mission objective that I managed to complete quickly. Here I was thinking it was just an unmissable achievement.
Posted by Owen H Brown on 29 Jan at 09:12