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Lightning Of Fate

Finished 10 Character Episode stories.

Lightning Of Fate0
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04 Jun 2017 04 Jun 2017
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In the campaign chapter select screen on the right side there are pictures of charecters representing their episode. Each are very easy and are only 1 fight. Do 10 and BLOOP
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K4rn4ge For some reason after doing the first 10 it didn't pop but immediately after doing an 11th characters episode it popped.
Posted by K4rn4ge on 19 Nov 17 at 15:53
TeeRaaV Yeah Xbox sucks at popping achievements sometimes.
Posted by TeeRaaV on 19 Nov 17 at 17:33
HingedMonster Took me 11 too.
Posted by HingedMonster yesterday at 15:59