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Dealt 20 Rage Arts. (Excluding offline VS Battle)

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04 Jun 2017 04 Jun 2017 08 Mar 2020
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1) Go to practice mode.
2) Choose a character with an easy to perform Rage Art. (I used Katarina as hers is just cn_A + cn_B) Opponent doesn't matter. If you fancy a different character though or find pressing cn_A and cn_B too difficult, pressing cn_RB with any character will also perform a Rage Art.
3) Once practice has loaded, open the pause menu and navigate to the Other Settings tab.
4) Turn on Player Rage here.
5) Now unpause the game and activate you're rage art 20 times for the achievement!
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thatNoseyParker From my time playing so far, I think you can just press RB to perform a rage art regardless of character (assuming you’re in rage mode)
Posted by thatNoseyParker on 08 Mar at 04:50