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That Was Close

Kill the Artifact carrier less than ten meters from the delivery point, and win the round.

That Was Close0
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SAZorlanceSAZorlanceThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
26 Aug 2010
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You'll do well to get this in a ranked match, best bet is to boost this like most of the achievements in this game. Have someone on the opposite team pick up the Artifact (i.e. the 'flag') and take it to where he must deliver it to score. Have him stand just outside the delivery point and then kill him however you want, then make sure your team wins the round.
FafhrddGood solution. I got this one legit, I had a shotty and it was the last round of the match. The other team only had one guy left and we had about 3 left. He decided to grab the Artifact and run for it. Me and another guy went to the delivery point. His life ended right before the delivery point, which in turn ended the match and unlocked the achievement.

With all that being said, it is better to boost this but so satisfying if you get it legit.
Posted by Fafhrdd on 30 Nov 11 at 01:23