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Complete all 50 challenge missions under par time

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This was a fun one. All 50 challenges in the game (including the 13 "main" challenges) must be completed under the par times. These are represented by a gold star (a silver star means you completed it, but not under par time.).

Most challenges CANNOT be done on your first run, since you only have a handful of units to use at the start. You unlock more units as you beat more challenges. Whatever tactics work for you to get the times are up to you. For example, I love playing as the Allies and building Harbinger Planes and Mirage Tanks, but that may not work for everyone.

A common (albeit cheap) tactic is to play as the Rising Sun and spam out Tankbusters from several barracks', and spam out Chopper VX's from War Factories if you have enough time. I only did this on a few levels, but again it's a personal preference.

If you are having trouble with a few levels, I recommend checking out the videos on this Youtube channel:
(These videos are from the PC version, so you probably won't be able to move as fast, but you'll get the gist of it.)

Also, if you have a request for a specific mission walkthrough, please let me know which one and i'll see what I can do.

Lastly, if you use the "Red Alert Button" you'll automatically finish that level with a time of 99:59. You gotta do it legit!
Epsilon ThetaBrowsing through the videos on the recommended Youtube channel is a major pain. In addition, some difficult levels are missing. I did not find it helpful at all!
Posted by Epsilon Theta on 30 Aug 10 at 10:44
For obvious reasons, I don't plan on listing a guide for EVERY challenge, and as I mentioned, some challenges are easy for some people, but difficult for others. If you know of common challenges people have trouble with (scavenger comes to my mind), let me know and i'll write a brief walkthrough for them.
Posted on 30 Aug 10 at 22:09
Epsilon ThetaWell I think it would be best to give general advice to search for videos on Youtube or the like and not give a specific channel which no longer offers the solution to many a difficult battle. However it is up to you! :)
Posted by Epsilon Theta on 03 Sep 10 at 14:25
Ditto51I wouldn't exactly call rushing with tank busters cheap since it actually requires some level of skill and knowledge of the map before hand to be able to get the Dojo cores in the correct position to avoid them dying.

Any way, to find Youtube Videos I simply type in the name of the challenge followed by Red Alert 3. While most of them will be for the PC, the par times on consoles are more often than not shifted by a minute or two to accommodate the slower controls.
Posted by Ditto51 on 03 Mar 15 at 17:07