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The Way of Masamune

Collect 10000 Orbs of Masamune

The Way of Masamune-2.7
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28 Jun 2017 28 Jun 2017
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bigsmok3r`s solution works well, but since I do not like those trials up on the hill very much and kept failing from time to time, I ended up using another (solo) farming method for those masamune marbles:
I started up free roam on the sidemission-map "Heisenberg 3". Check if the "Lord of War"-Miniboss is nearby, easiest done with hitting the select-button (whatever that`s called now, I tend to forget that) to bring up a bigger map.
Look around a bit and if you do not find the big red skull in a spot that you can reach in about 10 seconds from your spawn just start free roam again.
As soon as you find a good spawn with the boss nearby bring him down and you`ll get 27 marbles (Insanity 1 difficulty). Pause the game and from there go back to the main menu. Load up the save again and you will spawn at the same spot with the boss nearby, as long as you do not start another mission or free roam. Kill boss, back to main menu, load up, repeat.

The boss spawns three tumors when he goes down to his knees the first time. I used two shotguns (Purgator with poison and Boner with electricity) and the "Arm of Orochi"-Sword with ice, but whatever works for you will do.
Crit chance & damage will help obviously and I enhanced shadow fury as well.
The 27 marbles will drop every time, even without any %-items for more drops. Killing the boss took me 2.5 minutes in the end with all loading times, but that was with level 160 and all relevant skills maxed.
If it takes you to long to kill him you can also try out free roam in mission "Flirty Fishing 1". The boss there I could kill in about 2 minutes (including loading times) with ease, because he doesn`t go to his knees and spawns no helpers.
But the drop rate for the marbles is much lower, about 50% I think. I have not tried other free roams, but it is possible that you can find a better suited boss on a different one.

Useful hint 1: As you level up you get access to higher difficulty levels (up to insanity 7). While it`s not useful to crank it up for the killing process (bosses drop more marbles, but you`ll encounter more immunities on enemies which will be a hassle to deal with), you can easily exploit it for better weapon-upgrades: Before loading your save hit RB, then choose the highest insanity level available. After loading up just go to the forge and start crafting, you`ll get much better upgrades. After you are done with crafting you can just quit out back
to main menu, change the difficulty back down and enjoy better weapons.

Useful hint 2: Probably known by many, but I just dicovered it when I was nearly done: You can cancel out of shadow fury, just press the d-pad down again, you can save some fury with that.
RatpoizenAt which point does the Heisenberg 3 side mission become available?
Posted by Ratpoizen on 29 Jun 17 at 14:48
appare13Ooops, did not notice your comment. The three Heisenberg-quests become available near the end of the game.
Posted by appare13 on 04 Jul 17 at 10:07
RatpoizenThanks for the useful hint 1, I didn't know that. +1 :)
Posted by Ratpoizen on 11 Jul 17 at 17:32
Has anyone tried running this on an SSD? I'm wondering how much it helps load times, and if it does anything for that damn checkpoint freezing.
Posted on 09 Apr 18 at 20:36
I'm liking the mini-boss on "Stop the Propaganda." I haven't even cleared the mission. The mini-boss was on the radar when I started it, so I figured why not. Works. He only spawns like 2 Herculons and you can ignore the random drones flying around. I wanted to use those bitch robots in Heisenburg 3, but there's a stupid checkpoint statue right where you fight them to fuck you over. If you could lure them away form it far enough to collect without tripping the checkpoint, you can get double the orb drops every time.
Posted on 12 Apr 18 at 23:05
Another little tip for farming via mini-boss. Use whatever difficulty you can kill it without fury. Then every time you save with a full fury meter (pretty much every other load), load it a couple insanity levels higher. Like I'm jumping back and forth between insanity 2 and 4 right now. I use the Fury meter to wipe it out on the higher difficulty. Then jump back to the lower to refill.
Posted on 13 Apr 18 at 19:06
CRUM LEEThe hint about getting better mods by crafting them on Insanity 7 is fantastic. I think the strategy of running the Trials is better than farming this boss (trial takes me less than 2.5 minutes each time), but the tip for mods is top notch! +1
Posted by CRUM LEE on 13 Sep 18 at 17:20
HealttiHeisenberg III was my pick. The lava pits in trials were annoying, and for some reason the mini boss in Stop the Prop didn't respawn consistently. If only the load times weren't 1½ min every time... Ugh.

Remember to spend the orbs to buff your weapons and gems. You aren't required to hold 10k at one time.

Thanks for the tips. +1'd both guides.
Posted by Healtti on 03 Jan 19 at 22:25
thatNoseyParkerGood tips here!
For anyone wondering, the ‘select’ button is called View, and the ‘start’ is Menu
Posted by thatNoseyParker on 17 Mar 19 at 13:13