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Fallen Ghosts: Kill 10 Covert Ops Extranjeros using your knife

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03 Jul 2017 03 Jul 2017
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Another easy spot that I used to unlock this achievement.

In the Western Precinct, there is an airstrip in the North just above the
Agua Verde Brovo fast travel location. Without a helicopter its a steep
hill climb up the stream.

A friend and I were going for the (Extranjeros R4 weapon) in this location
and found 3 regular enemies and 4 Covert enemies. We took turns killing.

If you kill yourselves in this location it re-spawns you right with these enemies.
If your solo good luck dying without getting revived.
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HellCreeper666 Worked well, thanx smile

Location is Lat-14.7621 Long-61.7456 Western Precinct.
Posted by HellCreeper666 on 25 Aug 17 at 07:40
ORO ERICIUS So why killing yourself when you can fast travel to another spot and back??? ;-)
Posted by ORO ERICIUS on 26 Jan 18 at 09:25