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Coming On Strong

Score or Assist a combined 30 goals or assists in Casual or Competitive Online matches

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05 Jul 2017 05 Jul 2017
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This achievement counts both goals and assists, but unfortunately it only counts them in real Online matches and not private ones. That being said, this should come naturally as you play the game. Since it counts assists as well, you don't need to be that skilled to unlock it.

A goal is obviously when you make it into the opponents goal (your own don't count!), and an assist is when you touch the ball in some way right before a teammate makes a goal. There's no real way to boost this and no trick to doing it; just keep playing matches and trying to score. It's that simple.

Side note: It does not retroactively count goals and assists, meaning you have to get 30 as of this update to unlock the achievement. Your previous stats are not counted at all.
MiggyBombsI found solo duel the quickest to unlock this. You don't have to worry about scoring on more than one defender. I was getting 4-5 goals a match.
Posted by MiggyBombs on 06 Jul 17 at 00:22
CornerscoutSolo Duel would be good, but it generally takes more skill to work around a single person. I guess it depends on skill level in general, though.
Posted by Cornerscout on 06 Jul 17 at 00:27
REDWINGS05Is this not tracking past 30% for anyone? here we go again
Posted by REDWINGS05 on 06 Jul 17 at 01:01
Av3ng3d7X x360ayep.
Posted by Av3ng3d7X x360a on 06 Jul 17 at 01:55
CornerscoutIt's interesting to me that it is bugged, but only for some people. I unlocked the achievement with no tracking issues whatsoever. Seems like each update breaks something, but only for some people. Weird.
Posted by Cornerscout on 06 Jul 17 at 03:58
NoHeroes94Tracked perfect for me each time, and for friends on Stream yday. +1 solution, btw.
Also MiggyBombs comment is excellent - you don't even need to be too good to do it, they are right. Im average at best online and got about 5 goals online in solo duel. Unless they are insanely good there's much more luck involved than on 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 etc.

From the competitive achievement I only have 16 goals/assists from those 10 games, i cleaned the rest up in 2 and a half duel matches.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 06 Jul 17 at 07:27
FoogaCan't you just search for a boosting partner 1v1 or can you not do that anymore?
Posted by Fooga on 06 Jul 17 at 08:30
Cemetery GirlsBeing forced to play online makes me realize even more how terrible I am, and how frustrating the game is. It's terrible.
Posted by Cemetery Girls on 06 Jul 17 at 08:45
The SCHWARTZ 00^^ I know what you mean. This game is a drag to play and the only reason I started it was because of the free play weekend. I then got a free copy of it from a friend because I knew they were gonna keep adding achievements. It has its moments (scoring a clutch goal to tie the game up with seconds left is exhilarating) but for the most part I'm not really into it.
Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 06 Jul 17 at 14:50
EdweirddMine hasn't gone passed 3%. Since I got my first goal I've scored twice and three assists, but still stuck at 3%.
Posted by Edweirdd on 06 Jul 17 at 15:51
The SCHWARTZ 00Aaaaaaand it froze on me at 23%.

Stupid fucking piece of shit game.
Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 06 Jul 17 at 15:51
CornerscoutTheory time: It only tracks goals and assists in primary playlists and game types. Namely, the casual and competitive playlists, and only in the "soccar" game types, so not games like hockey, basketball, or the mutator one. Can anyone (that isn't having tracking issues) confirm that it doesn't track in those game types but does in normal game types?
Posted by Cornerscout on 06 Jul 17 at 18:30
metallicafan459I'm stuck on 33% - think I got most of that in rumble
Posted by metallicafan459 on 06 Jul 17 at 18:37
metallicafan459Gone back to rumble and its tracking again fine - just didn't work in standard 3vs3
Posted by metallicafan459 on 06 Jul 17 at 18:44
CornerscoutOk, theory has been debunked. Apparently this update did just break things for some people, just like every other update. Good old Rocket League. laugh
Posted by Cornerscout on 06 Jul 17 at 19:00
metallicafan459Maybe it's related to the first match type you start when it begins to track?
Posted by metallicafan459 on 06 Jul 17 at 20:29
REDWINGS05I have done everything i can think of. 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 for both casual and comp, forced quit the game, power cycle, everything. still broke
Posted by REDWINGS05 on 06 Jul 17 at 21:48
REDWINGS05and now its tracking again, did nothing different. Def buggy
Posted by REDWINGS05 on 06 Jul 17 at 23:55
The SCHWARTZ 00Ok so right after that, I got it to track again.

Initially I was playing​ 3v3 hockey and I got two assists, which didn't count for whatever reason. I then forced​ quit the game, rebooted, and went into​ a 1v1 duel match. By the grace of God I scored 18 goals in 3 minutes against some random who had no earthly idea as to how to play the game. They all counted and shortly after I got the achievement.
Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 07 Jul 17 at 02:54
iiAssassinXxiiMine was at 43% and hasnt gone up after scoring loads more.

EDIT: Hard reset seemed to cure and let me get more
Posted by iiAssassinXxii on 12 Aug 17 at 12:55
KillrNutI recommend 1v1 competitive if you've never played competitive before. This prevents you from getting matched up with a godmode type player. In the casual playlist I got matched up with a guy with master rank and lost 11-1. But in pretty much every game other than that I was getting from 3-5 goals a game. Even if you mega suck you should at least luck into one or two a game.
Posted by KillrNut on 12 Oct 17 at 18:17
and now its tracking again, did nothing different. Def buggy
A perfect summary of Rocket League achievements and the game in general. laugh
Posted by Cornerscout on 08 Feb 18 at 00:08
adamrulzI just started this a little bit ago and it’s tracking fine... I’m at 60% playing normal 3v3... just can’t get celebration done or whatever I need!!
Posted by adamrulz on 09 Apr 18 at 03:38