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07 Jul 2017
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You will reach a section where you use a body bag and hook to jump across a gap in the water. Then you will use the fish parts to cross the next gap. When reaching this next area you should notice a white tub in the middle of the room. Go to the right and find a small sphere (looks like tape or potato), pick it up and throw it into the tub. It will scare away the rats inside and the achievement will unlock.
SchinderdivA quick note to anyone curious, you have to use the item mentioned. I threw a can in first & the rats scattered but the achievement did not unlock. I threw a shoe in next after the rats were gone & it still didn't unlock. Finally I found the item listed in this guide, and although the rats already left the achievement still unlocked after I threw it in.
Posted by Schinderdiv on 02 Mar 18 at 04:10