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Zombicidal Maniac

Survive any campaign on Expert.

Zombicidal Maniac0
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OK it is a glitch and i respect that many dont like glitches but here it goes...

On no mercy there is a door that you cannot break down near the gatlinggun post have one person (or 3) stand above that doorway (climb up via ladder) and the other answer the radio. He/she should then move to the others guarding the ladder. A zombie will break down the door that you are standing above. go into this and stay there!!!

You will not be harmed as long as there are no zombies in the room. They will not run in the room unless you go out. Tanks will completely ignore you and die off on their own...

just be ready for when the helicopter comes...boomers and hunters and smokers oh my!
PostitMonkeyif you play offline all patches are not active... like the punching fatige and turret jump
Posted by PostitMonkey on 20 Feb 11 at 21:37